7 Tips For Surviving Your Winter Pregnancy

All pregnancies have their highs and lows, but we’ve got great tips to get you through the cold months of your winter pregnancy.

Essential Tips to Get Through Your Winter PregnancyMany people wonder is it better to be pregnant in the summer or winter?

There’s certainly pros and cons to every season. It’s seems pretty common for people to think that being pregnant in the winter is best because you aren’t dealing with the summer heat. 

While there may be some truth to that since you often feel warmer while pregnant, the cool winter might not bother you at all, but it still has some downsides too.

The winter weather though can make life a bit more challenging especially while pregnant. From finding coats and boots that fit to fear of slipping on icy streets, pregnancy during winter isn’t all hot cocoa and cozy evenings by the fire.

I love the winter so despite the hassles, I actually enjoyed being really, really pregnant in the winter all 3 times. 

Regardless of which trimester you’re in during the winter, we have tips for rocking your winter pregnancy!

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So here is everything you should know to survive being pregnant in the winter:

Winter Pregnancy Announcements

If winter hits when you’re ready to share your big news you are in luck because there are so many fun and adorable ways to announce your pregnancy in the winter. 

From sending your announcement in your holiday greetings and telling those your love through gifts to gorgeous maternity photo shoots in the snow, your winter options are beautiful.

Not sure when you want to tell the world about your bundle of joy? We’ve gone over all of the things to consider when you’re deciding when to spill the beans (read that here).

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Winter pregnancy clothes

Winter Pregnancy Clothes

Dressing in layers is your best friend during the winter. Layering will help you stay warm outside, but also let you cool off when you find yourself in a stuffy room. Plus, layering can create some super cute winter pregnancy outfits.

You may find that you already have a lot of clothing that you can easily layer for warmth. For instance your cardigans, shawls, and scarfs are perfect for layering around your bump. You will probably need to leave the sweaters unbuttoned after a certain point in your pregnancy, but they tend to be pretty forgiving. 

The best thing about these is that you probably already have several in your closet that you can continue to wear and if you find some adorable new ones you’ll be able to keep using them long after the baby arrives.

Another ideal layering piece is cozy, winter maternity leggings. Fleece Leggings, like these, will keep you warm and layer well with tunics and dresses. 

If you wear a lot of skirts or dresses, you may also want to get maternity tights (like these) to keep your legs warm without trying to squeeze into regular pantyhose.

We also have recommendations for general maternity clothing staples that you’ll need (you can read them here).

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Stay warm during winter pregnancy

Stay Warm

If you live in a cold climate, you may need some cold weather gear for your pregnancy. For instance, do you really need to buy a maternity coat? Well, it depends. 

If you have mild winters, you may be able to get by with just leaving your regular coat unzipped when it no longer fits around your belly. If your winters are more severe, you may need more coverage than that.

Let’s explore the options:

Maternity Coats

A maternity coat with plenty of room for a growing tummy can be a great solution to keeping yourself warm in the cold weather. For very harsh winters, this might be a necessity. The big drawback is the cost, spending so much for a coat for only one season of wear can be out of many budgets.

To get more use out of it, you can find a 3-in-1 Maternity coat which has a removable front panel. The panel can be switched around to fit over a baby carrier or taken out completely to become a regular coat and used for long after.

Jacket Extenders

Instead of buying a new coat with a panel, you can actually get just the panel alone and zip it into your own regular coat. 

This can be an ideal budget-friendly option as they are less expensive than maternity coats. Also many, like this one, work for baby wearing after the baby is born so you could get a lot of use out of it.

Having not tried any myself, some reviews complain about difficulty fitting ad zipping in jackets

Larger Size Coat

Another simple option is to simply get a coat in a larger size. This can be appealing because you have more places to find regular coats and are more likely to find deals or even one you could borrow.

For tight budgets, try the coat rack at Goodwill. Some women have even found that borrowing their husband’s coat works well. 

The biggest downside of sizing up is that more room for your belly also translates to more room everywhere. Larger coats may not fit well in other ways like too long sleeves.


If you’ll have to be out in snowy and icy conditions, you’ll want to make sure you have some sturdy snow boots.

Your usual boots may be just fine, though keep in mind that pregnancy can cause you to go up in shoe size.

The best winter boots for pregnancy must grip well to keep from slipping and falling. During pregnancy falls are more common due to loose ligaments and your belly throwing off your balance, but they can also be dangerous. Choose boots with traction and be very careful!

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important during every season, but it’s often overlooked in the winter. Since we aren’t hot and sweaty, it’s easy to forget to drink enough.

Since dehydration is particularly dangerous when you’re pregnant and can even lead to preterm labor it’s important to get plenty of water.

Carrying a water bottle with you can help you remember to keep guzzling even if you aren’t feeling super thirsty. I like these motivational water bottles to remind me to drink more water!

Use lotion when pregnant


The cold, dry winter air can also be hard on your skin. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can also cause dry skin and itchiness.

Keep cracked hands and an itchy belly at bay by taking care of your skin with a great moisturizer.

During pregnancy, you may prefer a moisturizer that is unscented and won’t irritate sensitive skin like this one.

Staying hydrated as we talked about above also helps prevent dry skin!

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Stay Healthy

Winter is cold and flu season and unfortunately, during pregnancy you can be more susceptible to illness. 

Since your medication options are limited during pregnancy and you likely don’t want to add to your existing discomforts, you may want to put some extra effort into prevention.

You can give your immune system a boost by eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

Practicing good hand hygiene and avoiding sick people can also help.

Flu in particular, can be severe during pregnancy and the CDC recommends getting a flu shot while pregnant.

If you do get sick, be sure to ask your doctor before taking any medications, even over-the-counter meds.

7 Essential Tips For Surviving Your Winter Pregnancy

Celebrating Winter Holidays During Pregnancy

Dealing with holidays during pregnancy can have its challenges.

If you’re early in pregnancy, you may not want everyone to know yet and could be feeling really sick. Later in pregnancy, you can also be uncomfortable and exhausted.

Here’s a few tips for navigating the holidays while pregnant:

  • Take it easy. The holidays often come with lots of events and obligations. Let yourself say no when you’re not up to it all. It’s ok to skip some of the “merriment” and just take a nap.
  • Don’t go overboard on the holiday treats. Difficult as it may be (for me at least), all of the heavy foods at the holidays may just make nausea, bloating, and heartburn worse. It’s also never fun to get a lecture about a big weight gain at that next doctor appointment.
  • Toast with mocktails or sparkling cider. For many, drinks are part of the holidays celebrations. Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to be left out completely, there are some very tasty mocktails, sparkling ciders, and non-alcoholic options. These can also help you “blend” if you’re keeping an early pregnancy secret. Cheers! 
  • Dress up your bump! The holidays give several opportunities to wear some adorable maternity outfits. From formal events to fun family parties, you get to show off your belly. We especially love these cute maternity holiday shirts.

Hope you found these tips for surviving winter pregnancy helpful! We have several more pregnancy resources to make your life a little easier. We suggest starting with these First TrimesterSecond Trimester, and Third Trimester Checklists.

Also, if your winter baby is due in December, you may want to check out our list of Christmas Baby Names!

Did we miss anything? How did you survive your winter pregnancy? Share your experiences in the comments!

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