Bundle Up and Celebrate: 10 Fun Winter Party Ideas for Kids

Looking for unique winter party ideas for kids? With winter in full swing, it’s the perfect time to plan an indoor-friendly birthday bash fit for cooler weather!

We’ve got some great winter party ideas to help ensure your little one has a truly special and memorable day. From winter-themed scavenger hunts to hot cocoa bars, these winter party ideas are sure to keep your guests entertained and having fun all day long.

And believe us, we know what we’re talking about. Between us we have five children, and four of them have winter birthdays.

So get ready for plenty of laughs, smiles, and happy memories as you explore our unique winter party ideas for kids!

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What Can I Do for My Birthday When It’s Cold?

When it’s cold outside, indoor birthday parties are a great way to keep your kids entertained and safe from the frigid temperatures.

Luckily, there are plenty of party themes for kids that can provide hours of wintery fun – even from the warmth of your own home. Or to keep the cleanup easy, rent out a space at a local restaurant or indoor playground.

Alternatively, you could ask everyone to bundle up for snowball fights or an outdoor winter-themed obstacle course.

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean the birthday fun has to stop!

10 Fun and Creative Winter Party Ideas for Kids

10 Fun Winter Party Ideas for Kids

Here are 10 awesome and unique winter party ideas for kids that will get your little one excited about their special day:


1 |  Host an Indoor Snowman Building Contest

Have each child build a mini snowman using white dough or Play-doh and have them decorate it with accessories like buttons, carrots, pipe cleaners, and coal. Give out awards for creativity!

You can also build edible snowmen with marshmallows, pretzel sticks, icing, and candy. The kids will love getting to eat their snowpeople.

Creating a Make-Your-Own Hot Cocoa Bar is one of the best winter party ideas for kids

2 | Make-Your-Own Hot Cocoa Bars

Serve up steaming mugs of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and colorful marshmallows — everyone loves this cozy winter tradition!

Bonus! You can get cute winter-themed mugs and use them as the party favors as well.


3 | Have an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Hide winter items throughout the house or backyard (weather permitting) – such as mittens, sleds, skates, winter hats, etc. – and have the kids search for them! For older children, consider making wintery clues to help guide them on their quest.

Pin the carrot nose on the snowman

4 | Create an Indoor Winter Carnival

Set up winter-themed booths or activities such as snowman bowling, winter-themed trivia, snowy crafts, and more. Don’t forget the winter-inspired snacks like hot chocolate and winter fruit skewers!

Be sure to also set up a small kiddy pool or water table full of artificial snow.


5 | Winter-Themed Arts and Crafts

Create snowflakes or mittens out of construction paper, have a winter weather painting session, or make holiday-inspired decorations like wreaths or snow globes. The possibilities are endless!

Indoor pool party is a great idea for a winter birthday

6 | Indoor Pool Party

Channel your summer vibes with a pool party! Check out your local indoor pools at rec centers and swim schools since many offer party options.

Even when it’s freezing outside, you can have a blast splashing around inside. If you happen to have an indoor water park nearby, even better!


7| Movie Theater Party

For cinema lovers, many movie theaters offer birthday party packages. Some theaters even have a party room and decorations or let you rent out an entire theater for a private viewing. This can be a great indoor option during a brutal winter plus you don’t have to deal with cleaning up your house!

A movie-themed party at home can also be a huge hit! Having the movie as your main activity with popcorn and candy snacks makes planning pretty simple.

Bowling is a fun indoor party idea for the winter

8| Bowling Party

Bowling alleys are a great place for kid’s birthday parties. They often have reasonable birthday packages plus kids love bowling. They’re ideal for all ages and you can get bumpers to make it easier for little ones.

Many also have arcade games and kid-friendly food options. No need to worry about set up or clean up or coming up with party games, it’s all taken care of, easy peasy.


9| Winter Sports

If you happen to live somewhere with snowy wintery weather, you can take advantage of it for a fun winter sports birthday party. Sledding and tubing are a perfect kid’s party activity if you have a good hill. It’s a super simple way to keep kids occupied and having a blast. Be sure to tell guests to bring their sled and it’s best to have some spares as well.

Ice skating is another fun winter party idea! Check local rinks as they may offer party packages. 

A snowball fight is another fun outdoor winter party activity that is sure to please with kiddos. You can even get a snowball maker to help little hands create snowballs faster.

No snow? You can have an indoor snowball fight with these fake snowballs or even just rolled-up socks. I highly suggest carefully storing away all breakables prior to this.

Child jumping into ball pit at indoor playground

10| Indoor Gymnasiums and Play Areas

This is largely dependent on what sort of venues you have locally, but more and more indoor play areas, gymnasiums, and fun zones have been popping up. From indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks and laser tag to kid’s sports centers with batting cages and indoor rock climbing, there are so many fun places and many even offer specific birthday party packages.

Some examples like Sky Zone, Urban Air, and Pump It Up all offer party options to make planning super easy. 

Now that you have some fun winter party ideas for kids, it’s time to start planning your birthday celebration. With a little bit of creativity and lots of winter magic, your child is sure to have an awesome birthday they’ll remember for years to come!


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