15 of the Best Valentine’s Day Books for Toddlers

Looking for Valentine’s day books for toddlers? Not only are books a great way to introduce your child to the holiday, but they also make perfect Valentine’s day gifts for toddlers.

15 of the Best Valentine's Day Books For ToddlersAs a fan of all things holiday, I love switching out seasonal books for my kids. This breaks up the monotony of reading the same titles a thousand times and it keeps our book collection feeling fresh and new as we rotate.

We have lists of our favorite board books for Christmas and toddler books for Halloween too, as well as the best Winter books!

While Valentine’s day isn’t necessarily a huge holiday, I like the excuse to swap books so I am always looking for new ones to add to our shelf. As a consequence, we read all of the holiday books we can find and pick the best ones.

So get your toddler into the Valentine spirit with these great books!

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The Best Valentine’s Day Books For Toddlers

LLama LLama I Love You

By Anna Dewdney

This short and sweet Llama book is a great introduction to Valentine’s day for little ones. With just a couple rhyming lines each page, it is quick enough to keep even a young toddler’s attention. 

Little Blue Truck’s Valentine

By Alice Schertle

For fans of the Little Blue Truck books, this makes a perfect addition to your collection. Little Blue passes out Valentine’s to all of his farm friends in this cute rhyming book. This story is great for older toddlers, but even young toddlers may like the illustrations of the truck and animals.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse

By Laura Numeroff

From the author of To Give A Mouse A Cookie, join mouse again as he makes Valentine’s for all of his friends and tells what he loves about them. This sweet and simple book is great for all ages.

The Dinosaur’s Valentine’s Day

By Jessica Brady

If your child loves dinosaurs like mine does, this is a really fun read for a Dino Valentine. This story tells about Logan, the dinosaur and what he loves about his dino friends. It’s a cute and simple story of friendship great for older toddlers.

Where Is Baby’s Valentine?

By Karen Katz

Help Baby find their Valentine underneath fun flaps! Who doesn’t love books with flaps? Like other Karen Katz books, these flaps are big and sturdy for small hands and the illustrations are bright and colorful making this perfect for toddlers!

The Day It Rained Hearts

By Felicia Bond

This is a sweet story about a day when it rains hearts and a little girl who collects them to make Valentine’s for her friends. This cute book might even help inspire your child to make Valentine’s too. With fun pictures and a gentle story, this book is great for older toddlers.

Tiny T. Rex And The Perfect Valentine

By Jonathan Stutzman

Another book for dino lovers, this story of Tiny making a valentine for this friend is very sweet. A simple story makes this great for even young toddlers. We also love Tiny T. Rex And The Impossible Hug, which would be a great non-Valentine specific option too.


More Of The Best Books For Valentine’s Day For Toddlers

These books don’t necessarily say Valentine’s day, but they are all love themed and would make perfect gifts for toddlers. You may even prefer these since they aren’t holiday specific and will be enjoyed all year long.

Love Monster

By Rachel Bright

A cute and quirky story about a monster looking all over for love, my kids love this book. Even I enjoy this one and find it funny too! This one has fun, colorful illustrations and a quick pace making it great for all ages though the story is better suited for older toddlers to understand.

I Love You


This is a sweet touch and feel book for babies and young toddlers. With few words, pictures of cute animals and babies, and a texture to feel on each page, this holds little one’s attention and fits the Valentine’s day spirit nicely.

Snuggle Puppy!

By Sandra Boynton

This adorable book tells of the sweet song a mommy dog sings to her puppy. This is a family favorite and we like to sing it frequently. The singing aspect makes it great for all toddlers. We also like Sandra Boynton’s I Love You Little Pookie, another short and sweet story of a Mother and her Pookie.

I Love You, Stinky Face

By Lisa McCourt

This is a super silly book about a boy asking his mother outlandish “what if” questions and she gives equally creative answers about how she would still love him. It’s cute and fun and my kids love it. A bit wordy for really little ones, this story of unconditional love is best for older toddlers.

Huggy, Kissy

By Leslie Patricelli

This is a cute book about hugs, kisses, and family affection. Perfect for young toddlers learning to give hugs and kisses!

Lots of Love Little One

By Sandra Magsamen

A super sweet little book telling your child how much you love them. Bright and colorful and great for young toddlers, this book is so cute. You really can’t go wrong with any Sandra Magsamen book though since they all tend to be adorable and heartwarming.

I Love You More, Babysaur

By Rose Rossner

A great option for young dino fans, this book of loving dinosaur puns is sweet and silly. The illustrations are adorable too! Great for all ages, though best for kiddos who love dinos!

I’ll Love You Till The Cows Come Home

By Kathryn Cristaldi

This book was a surprising treat. It’s funny and quirky, with beautiful illustrations and poetic rhythm. This animal packed silly story is great for all ages.  

Hopefully our top Valentine’s day books for toddlers have helped you pick out the right title for your little one! 

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for here, you might like some of our Winter books! And if you’re looking for more holiday books check out our favorite Christmas and Halloween books too! 

Did we miss any of your toddler’s Valentine’s day books? Share your favorites in the comments!

The 15 Best Valentine's Day Books For Toddlers!

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