Have You Told Your Kids the Two Wolves Story?

Do you know the legend of the two wolves story? It’s one of our favorites. 

This Native American tale is for all ages, both children and adults. It provides us with an explanation of the inner struggle we all live with on a daily basis. 

Most importantly, it tell us how to make good decisions so we can live a brighter and happier life.

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The Legend of the Two Wolves

As we go about our day and make decisions, we should remember that each and every person has two wolves fighting inside of them. 

One wolf is evil. He’s mean, angry, greedy, arrogant, and rude. 

The other wolf is good. This wolf is represented by joy, love, peace, truth, and compassion. 

In the two wolves story these creatures are fighting daily with every choice you make. Each wolf wants to steer you in a particular direction, whether it be on the path of good or evil. 

Sometimes the good wolf wins the battle, other times it may be the evil one. But eventually, one wolf will be the ultimate victor at the end of the war. 

So which wolf will win? The answer is simple. 

The one you feed. 


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Have You Told Your Kids this Powerful Two Wolves Story?

So Why Is the Two Wolves Story Important? 

Isn’t that cool? Do yourself a favor and grab ‘The Tale of Two Wolves’ book so you can tell the story with beautifully illustrated pictures.

We love the two wolves story because it reminds us that we have the power to make good decisions.

Some days it’s easy to feel helpless and at the mercy of the bad wolf. Sometimes the “wrong” choice may be the easiest. 

I know there are days when I want to complain and give up. It seems simpler than putting in the effort. 

However, I remind my children that the more often they feed their good wolf by making the right choices, the easier it is to make good decisions in the future. 

It also helps to remind us we can’t blame others for our decisions. After all, we alone are responsible for our choices and which wolf we decide to purposefully feed.

This goes hand in hand with showing the manner in which one’s collective experiences can impact the future.

Each and every good decision builds momentum. You don’t have to do everything perfectly right now. But with every good decision you make, no matter how small, the next one is easier to achieve. 

Children have everything inside of them they need to be happy, kind, and successful. Learning to feed the good wolf will help them bring those feelings to the outside and live their truth.

And the stronger your wolf, the easier it is to do the right thing since you’re better equipped to handle life’s challenges. 

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Have You Told Your Kids this Powerful Two Wolves Story?

The Alternate Story

There’s also a different version of the story in the Cherokee world… one with more “gray” area. 

Rather than a “good vs. evil” two wolves story, they concentrate on the wolves being opposites. 

The dark wolf has an evil side, but contains other strong qualities as well. That wolf represents courage, ambition, determination, and bravery. 

In contrast, the light wolf is compassionate and caring. 

In this legend, it’s about achieving a balance. 

There are times when we need to understand the bigger picture and act for the greater good. Other times, we need to put our fears aside and push ourselves to reach new heights. 

When you feed both players in the two wolves story, you are the best version of yourself. When both wolves are fed, there is no battle or internal struggle inside of you. 

Have you heard this story before? What do you think about it?

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