50 Easy and Yummy Toddler Party Food Ideas

Before my son’s third birthday I remember wracking my brain trying to come up with food toddler party ideas. 

50 Easy and Yummy Toddler Party Food IdeasI wanted to have food and snacks available that were easy for the toddlers to eat. More importantly, I wanted it to be foods they enjoyed

I’ve hosted many a toddler party over the years, so now I can plan a kid-friendly menu with my eyes closed. 

Let’s dive in and talk about the best toddler party food ideas. 

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Serving Tips

Before we talk about the food itself, I want to briefly discuss prepping and serving the food. 

To make things easy on your guests (namely the parents!), be sure to cut up all food ahead of time into bite-sized pieces.

Opt for pre-portioned packaged food in individual bags. If that’s not available, provide plenty of small bowls or dixie cups so toddlers can eat on the go as they mill around. Trying to get a room full of toddlers to sit down nicely and eat can be challenging. 

Finally, make sure there are plenty of napkins and utensils, particularly spoons. Toddlers aren’t known for being the cleanest eaters so it’s best to prepare for spills and dropped cutlery. 

Toddler eating packaged snacks

50+ Toddler Party Food Ideas

Create the perfect menu by mix and matching from these toddler party food ideas below. Pick a few from each category to have a well-rounded selectin – fruits, veggies, snacks, etc.

If you want to get super creative, try to tie in selections to your party theme!  


  1. Grapes (make sure they are cut!) 
  2. Blueberries 
  3. Sliced pear 
  4. Packaged fruit cups (peaches, mango, fruit cocktail, etc) 
  5. Raspberries 
  6. Kiwi
  7. Apple slices 
  8. Banana, halved  
  9. Strawberries
  10. Orange slices
  11. Cantelope cubes 
  12. Watermelon slices
  13. Mandarin oranges 
  14. Canned pears with cottage cheese 

child eating watermelon


15. Celery 
16. Cherry tomatoes (cut the long way)
17. Carrot sticks 
18. Sliced peppers 
19. Cucumber
20. Steamed green beans 
21. Avocado 
22. Frozen peas (try it, kids love them!) 
23. Sugar snap peas 


24. Yogurt
25. Hard-boiled eggs 
26. Hummus
27. Peanut butter (use as a dip – just make sure there are no allergies!) 
28. Nuts (again, please check for allergies first) 
29. Cheese sticks 
30. Chickpeas (canned or dried) 


31. Pita bread 
32. Veggie straws 
33. Popcorn 
34. Granola bars
35. Rice cakes 
36. Chips and mild salsa (don’t want to upset the dragons!)
37. Raisins 
38. Crackers 
39. Banana chips 
40. Puffs 
41. Muffins 

ice cream is a great toddler party food


42. Cut up rotisserie chicken
43. Baked beans 
44. Meatballs 
45. Mashed potatoes 
46. Macaroni and cheese
47. Black beans 
48. Rice 
49. Finger sandwiches (try ham/cheese or cucumber/cream cheese) 
50. Taco bar 


51. Mini cupcakes
52. Dunkaroos (remember these??)
53. Hershey kisses
54. Cake pops
55. Gummy bears 

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