10 Essential Hacks for Taking Baby to the Beach

Thinking about taking baby to the beach?

10 Essential Hacks for Taking Baby to the BeachA common family trip can become much more challenging with an infant, but don’t let that stop you.

While your beach trips may not be quite the same, they can still be tons of fun!

We get it, taking baby to the beach can be a bit nerve wracking, especially the first time. Don’t worry, we have answered all of your beach baby questions!

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Can a Baby Go to the Beach?

Of course! The beach is a fantastic place for babies. They can be as loud and messy as they like, plus there’s so much to explore and enjoy.

Going to the beach with a baby takes a little bit more planning and preparation, but can be just as fun!

There are a few things you’ll want to be extra careful about when taking baby to the beach:

  • Keep baby hydrated. Be sure to bring extra formula or be prepared that baby may need to breastfeed more frequently, and bring water for older babies.
  • Sun exposure. Keep young babies out of the sun by bringing your own shade and also sunscreen for babies over 6 months.
  • Overheating. Along with shade, consider timing your trip to avoid the hottest time of day.

We have several mom hacks below to help you address these concerns so that your beach trip with baby will be a success.

Also it’s best to take baby’s schedule into account when planning your beach trip. In particular, make a plan for naps and whether baby will sleep on the beach or leave for naps.

10 Essential Hacks for Taking Baby to the BeachWhen Can I Take a Baby to the Beach?

The beach has no age restrictions so you can take your baby to the beach whenever you want. Even newborns can go to the beach!

This is largely a matter of personal preference and may even be impacted more by other factors like how far you have to travel to get to said beach and associated costs of travel than your own comfort level. 

The beach is great for babies, so long as you plan appropriately for their needs. You’ll likely pack differently for newborns and older babies. 

For instance, it’s generally advised that you shouldn’t use sunscreen on babies under 6 months old, so you’ll want to be sure to bring an umbrella or another way to shade a younger baby.

10 Essential Hacks for Taking Baby to the Beach

The Best Hacks for Taking Baby to the Beach   

Make taking baby to the beach a breeze with these clever parenting hacks. 

Baby Powder Helps Get Sand Off

Simply sprinkle some baby powder on arms and legs and allow a few seconds everything to dry – then watch how the sand brushes off easily!  

Another cool idea is to use a sand brush. It works AMAZING to get sand off.

Use a Beauty Blender Wedge to Apply Sunscreen on the Face 

Say goodbye to painful rubbing. A beauty blender allows you to easily and quickly apply sunscreen to even the wiggliest of children. 

Bring a Shower Liner

Dig about six inches into the sand and line the hole with the shower curtain liner. Toss some water in there for a little makeshift pool for your baby to splash under the shade of an umbrella.

Download a White Noise App

Even though the beach is loud, it’s helpful to have an app that plays white noise if you’re trying to encourage nap time when taking baby to the beach. 

Keep Cool

It’s easy to overheat on hot beach days. Bring a portable fan and a water spritzer (filled with ice water) to easily cool down. 

Don’t Bring Sand Home

Use a mesh beach bag for sand toys, bubbles, balls, towels, and extra clothes. That way the sand will fall right through when you’re packing up to go home. 

Bring All the Toys 

At the very minimum, bring a bucket and shovel. It’s also a good idea to bring other sand toys, water activities, balls, bubbles, and figurines. Be amazed as your kids occupy themselves for hours playing in the sand. 

Lots of Little Snacks

Snacks are everything when planning a day trip with young kids – be sure to pack lots. It’s best to pack in many little bags and containers to minimize the risk of sand contamination. 

Freeze Your Drinks

The night before the beach, freeze about 1/3 of your drink in your water bottle or disposable container. The next morning, fill it up the rest of the way with a cool beverage. This helps your drink stay cool all day long. 

Have a Nap Plan

Plan a safe spot for baby to sleep while at the beach. For new infants this may be as simple as the inside of a large beach basket. For larger babies, consider a travel crib.

My personal favorite is to set them inside of beach wagon or stroller. Then it doubles as storage to help you drag all the stuff onto the beach.

**Pro-Tip: Pull the stroller backwards rather than push it over the sand… so much easier!

Having a plan in place prevents a meltdown when you’re frantically searching for a place to sleep when they’re already overtired.

Keep Sunscreen in the Cooler

When you reapply, it also cools everyone down – win, win!

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10 Essential Hacks for Taking Baby to the Beach

What Do You Need for the Beach With a Baby?

Here is the ultimate list of things you need to pack for taking baby to the beach. 

Sun Protection

Sunscreen (baby bum and thinkbaby are the best!)

Sun hats 

Bathing suits 

Beach umbrella 

Beach tent 

Sun shirts 


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Food and Snacks


Plenty of water 

Food ideas – frozen uncrustables, baby pouches, applesauce, yogurt (frozen) 

Fun at the Beach

Beach blanket (this one is huge and water resistant!) 

Beach wagon

Mesh carrier bag 



Beach toys 

Sand toys (collapsible buckets save space) 

Necessary Extras

Trash bags (for used snacks/drinks and to hold wet bathing suits) 

Baby carrier 

Handheld fan



Travel crib


Hand sanitizing wipes


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