10 Fun and Easy Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers

Searching for some of the best summer birthday party ideas for toddlers? Well look no further!

10 Fun and Easy Summer Birthday Party Ideas for ToddlersThere’s something so fun about summer birthdays. You’ve got the nice weather, lots of daylight, and just overall fun summer vibes. 

My son is a summer baby and I always have a blast planning his party year after year. But those toddler parties were the most fun! 

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Here are my top 10 fun and easy summer birthday party ideas for toddlers:

The Best Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers

The best parties are fun for all involved, birthday kid and guests alike! 

But you also want to make it as easy on the parents as possible – simple prep, set up, execution, and take down. 

1 |  Teddy Bear Picnic

Invite partygoers to bring a teddy bear friend for this fun idea!

Spread out picnic blankets and pack paper lunch bags full of fun finger foods (for example – tiny sandwiches, goldfish, apple slices). 

Invite the toddlers to sit on the blankets with their teddy bears to enjoy their picnic meal. 

For activities, think We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, musical statues, a hide and go seek. 

If you get nervous the furry friends will get dirty, have attendees put them on a table for a break. 

Toddler playing in a garden with dirt

2 |  Gardening Party 

Gardening is one of my favorite things about summer! It also makes a great toddler birthday party theme! 

Invite guests to pack hats and dress in clothes they don’t mind getting dirty. Here are a few garden themed activities to get you started:

Pot Painting and Planting

Supply some basic clay pots, paint brushes, and acryllic paint and let the toddlers have a blast custumizing the outside of their pot.

Fill the pots with potting soil and show the kids how to plant 2 or 3 seeds in the dirt. 

Beans are a great seed choice as they are large seeds (easy for young fingers to handle) and they sprout rapidly. Put in a stick so they have something to climb once they get a little larger. 

Mini-sunflowers are another fun option. Again, they are larger than most flower seeds and a cheerful one to grow. 

Water the “Flowers”

Set up some buckets on sticks (or large fake flowers if you’re feeling fancy) and have the toddlers take turns shooting them with water guns or the hose to “water” them. 

Garden Rock Painting

Follow my super simple tutorial for rock painting and allow the kids to create some creative garden art. 

Plant-Themed Simon Says 

Review the (basic) anatomy of the flower with the kids and then show them how we can draw parallels on our own bodies:

    • Stem = chest
    • Roots = legs
    • Leaves = arms
    • Petals = ears

Then play simon says with the flower parts! Say things like, “Simon says wave your leaves” or “Simon says touch your petals”. 

3 |  Art Party (an “ARTy”?)

Have those little ones channel their inner Salvator Dali with one of the most creative summer bithday party ideas for toddlers – an ART party. 

Grab a large roll of paper or some canvases, paint, a few brushes and you’re good to go. 

Be sure to encourage participants to wear clothes they can get paint on or bring a smock. 

Bonus, the art becomes a fun take-home party favor! 

4 |  A Night at the Movies

Setting up the ultimate movie screening experience is one of the simplest summer birthday party ideas for toddlers.

Purchase (or borrow!) a projector, set up a big screen (or a large bed sheet!), provide seating, serve some popcorn, and you’re all set! 

If you want to play it weather-safe, you can set it up indoors. Toddler “seating” can consist of lots of comfy blankets, pillows, and bean bags. 

I, however, prefer a backyard movie bash. Mostly because then I don’t have to worry if they spill the popcorn and snacks all over the place! 

Since I don’t want to worry about dirtying nice indoor blankets, if I’m planning a party outside I set up toddler-sized outdoor folding chairs and towels. 

How stinking cute are these drink cups and popcorn bins for serving themed nourishment? 

Since summer sundowns are often past-bedtime, I recommend setting up the screen under a dark tent. Then you get all the thrill of an outdoor movie without having to wait until dark. 

If you still want to have that “movie under the stars” theme, hang up decorative stars from the ceiling of the tent!

Kids pretending to camp in the backyard

5 |  Backyard Camping Party

Set up a big tent in the backyard for a birthday camping bash! 

Toddlers love pretend play, so be sure to stock the tent with blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags so they can act out camping and staying the night.

For food, start a camp fire for hot dog roasting and s’mores. Or serve BBQ picnic style! 

While the kids are eating, tell spooky ghost stories. You can find lots of fun tales online. My personal favorite is “The Big Toe” because you can have all the kids ask today, “Where’s my hairy toe??”.

Toddlers playing in water

6 |  Water Play Party 

In my opinion, water parties are the absolute perfect blend of fun and easy summer birthday ideas.

Tell your guests ahead of time to dress in bathing suits or fast-drying clothes. 

Then, set up a variety of fun and interactive water stations! Here are a few simple ideas:

  • A water table filled with cups and squirt toys
  • Buckets of water with large sponges for transfer games
  • A splash pad or sprinkler 
  • Reusable water balloons 
  • Inflatable pool with cute water toys 

Child pretending to be a super hero

7 |  A Super Hero Party

Let your toddlers test their limits with a super fun and exciting super hero party!

Ask partygoers to come dressed as their favorite super hero. Be sure to have extra masks and capes on hand in case kids come without a costume. 

Then give your super heroes a few “missions”.

You could send them on a hunt around the yard looking for people (barbie dolls) to save. Maybe give them a few clues if they have trouble searching. 

I’m also a big fan of obstacle courses. Invite the toddlers to run through cones, crawl under a limbo bar, or follow a maze painted on the ground. 

Another fun idea to test their hero strength is a Tug of War. It’s especially fun if you get the parents involved as opponents and let the super hero team win! 

Child feeding lamb with bottle

8 |  Nature Center

Check a nearby nature center to see if they have any party programs that take advantage of the nice summer weather. 

Often they have indoor rooms and outdoor spots available for your celebration. They also will usually have guided activities like a nature walk around a pond or animal interaction. 

9 |  Berry Picking Party

Take advantage of one of the best parts of summer – fresh berries!

Check what fruit is in season and available for picking. Around me, strawberries ripen towards the end of May, mulberries beginning of June, blueberries around mid-June, followed by blackberries in July! Note that availability is based on weather conditions and the climate where you live. 

Most pick-your-own berry farms have picnic tables for cake/singing afterwards. 

Best of all, party favors are taken care of! Buy a few CUTE BASKETS and send everyone home with the treasures they picked. 

10 |  Sports Party 

With toddlers, I use the term “sports” very loosely. 

Set up a variety of sports stations around the yard for them to explore. Here are a few ideas:

  • Soccer ball with a goal
  • Small basketball with a bucket for a hoop
  • Rings to be tossed around small cones
  • Bean bags that can be thrown in hula hoops in the grass
  • Archery with water guns and a large target for practice aiming
  • A t-ball set up 

If you’re looking for more organized activities. Consider a relay race, gymnastics class, or volleyball with balloons. 

If you’re worried about tears due to competition, consider having the kids work together to earn points! When they collectively earn 100 points, it’s time to cut the cake. 

For party favors, of course you’ll have to have trophies and medals for all the athletes! 

Wrapping Up Summer Birthday Parties 

I hope you found some new summer birthday party ideas for toddlers! Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

10 Fun and Easy Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers

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