30 of the Best Stocking Stuffers For Babies

Need ideas for the best stocking stuffers for babies? Check out our list of fun and practical stocking stuffers for infants!

Celebrating your baby’s first Christmas can be really exciting for parents! It’s a perfect time to induce your baby in family traditions and start some new ones too! I’m super into holidays and have an entire post with tips for baby’s first Christmas (read it here)!  

The Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Babies Under 1Stockings are such a fun tradition that many families enjoy in the Christmas celebration! Figuring out what to put in a baby’s stocking though can make parents pause since the usual stocking stuffers like candy aren’t really appropriate for infants. Plus, parents may feel pressure to make Christmas extra special, only adding more stress to their shopping. So read my tips for a stress-free Christmas.

Also, budgets tend to be stretched during the holidays and stocking stuffers are often more of an afterthought. Don’t worry about filling your baby’s stocking with practical gifts that you’d buy for them anyway. Don’t blow your budget on baby’s stocking. 

So keep in mind that whatever you get your baby will be perfect!

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And if you’re wondering what do you put in a baby stocking? Look no further!

Here are the Best Stocking Stuffers For Babies:

Honestly, babies are the easiest to buy for because they have zero expectations, will either be thrilled with anything or not pay any attention at all, and they won’t remember it anyway.

Fun Stocking Stuffers For Babies

Wubbanub – A pacifier attached to an adorable little stuffy, so cute and babies love them!

Lovey – Any comfort object can be a lovey, but you could use this opportunity to give a sweet cuddly blankie like this.

Books – Small board books fit perfectly in most stockings! Check out our favorite Christmas books for babies and toddlers here.

Photo album – Put pictures of family and friends in a baby photo album (like this one).

Rattles – Here’s an adorable baby’s first Christmas rattle.

Teethers – Like this super cute Christmas tree teether.


Phone – Baby’s love to mimic what we do and most of us are on our phones. A cute baby phone fits great in a stocking.

Stroller toys – Small toys that can slip to a car seat or stroller make ideal stocking stuffers.

Stacking cups

Bath Mitts – These puppet-like washcloths are super fun for bathtime!

Bath toys 

Bath books – Soft, plastic books for the bath, what could be more fun? This one comes with toys too!

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament – Commemorate this holiday with your baby’s first Christmas ornament. They make a perfect stocking stuffer and sweet keepsake. I like these wooden blocks that you can get personalized.

stockings full of the Best Stocking Stuffers For Babies This Christmas

Practical Stocking Stuffers For Babies

Baby toothbrush – We love the baby banana toothbrush!

Pacifiers – A pack of your baby’s favorite pacifiers is an easy and super useful stocking stuffer! Mine loved these Avent and MAM pacifiers.

Pacifier clips

Socks – like these adorable Christmas baby socks!

Bibs – for younger babies, these soft drool catching bibs are great. For older babies and toddlers, I love these Bumkins bibs since they clean up great! Or Christmas-y bibs (like these) would be fitting too!

Booties – I love these fleece booties for keeping tiny feet warm.

Onesie – Little clothes will roll up perfectly in a stocking!

Leg warmers 

Hat – So many cute hat options from little newborn caps to winter weather beanies or even a Christmas hat.

Mittens – If you have a newborn, these tiny mittens are great to keep them from scratching their precious face. Or get some warm fleece mittens to be ready for the winter weather.

Hair bows

Bottle – Ok so it may not seem like the most exciting gift to you, but babies so love their bottles, and if you need more, it makes a great stocking filler.

Sippy Cup – You can never seem to have too many cups. I really like these soft spout sippy cups for infants.


Snack Bowl – These lidded snack bowls keep babies from spilling everything.

Baby Food Pouches


Hope that you’ve been inspired by our list of the best stocking stuffers for babies and can finish your Christmas shopping! For older baby’s you may also like my ideas for stocking stuffers for toddlers (read them here).

Did we miss anything? What did you put in your baby’s Christmas stocking? Share with us in the comments!

30 of the Best Stocking Stuffers For Babies

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