10+ Creative Ideas for Repurposing a Changing Table

Looking at ideas for repurposing a changing table? We’ve got you!

10 Creative Ideas for Repurposing a Changing TableWe’ve assembled 10+ creative ideas from very talented individuals on how to transform an old changing table into a useful piece of furniture your household will use on a daily basis.

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Window Reading Bench

Lianna from Iowa City Moms tells the cutest story of how she was inspired to transform her son’s changing table into a window bench seat. 

As she points out, the beauty of this plan is that it likely already matches your child’s bedroom decor. Plus, it also gives you a way to reuse their old crib bumpers for cushions. 

Start by cutting off the edges surrounding the changing area and the bottom legs to make it less wobbly by sitting closer to the ground. 

Add back in the changing pad, some cute storage baskets, and you’re good to go!


Transform Changing Table into a console table

Console Table

The reward for the most functional upcycle might just belong to Average But Inspired for her inspirational changing table to console table transformation. 

All she had to do was paint it then add some cute drawer pulls, contact paper, and storage baskets – voila! The best console table you’ve ever seen.

Who could have believed it was once used to wipe a baby’s bum?  

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Kitchen Cart Transformation

Prodigal Pieces used the sides of an old changing table and combined them with some reclaimed oak to create the most gorgeous kitchen cart. 


repurposing changing table into a planting table

Changing Table Plant Stand and Potting Bench

Seeing the potting bench DIY Inspired created out of IKEA nursery furniture and old habitat for humanity finds makes me want to go out and buy a changing table just so I can try my hands at this hack.

I mean… how cute is that? Doesn’t it make you want to get your hands dirty and plant some flowers? 

The attention to detail is stunning – from the towel rack to the little hooks for tools and even those brackets that are holding up the top shelf. Absolutely gorgeous! 


Convert Changing Table to Bookcase

Project Nursery shows how she affixed an old changing table on top of a cabinet to create the most functional DIY bookcase. I would never guess it was once a piece of nursery furniture. 


repurpose baby changing table into a desk

Repurposing Changing Table into a Desk 

Thrift Diving has a super creative use for an old changing table – turn it into a kid’s desk! 

She details the entire process on her blog, and I’ll warn you it does entail the use of some power tools because she’s amazing like that, but the transformation is truly impressive and absolutely fantastic.

The resultant desk is the perfect size and incredibly functional. Add some cute desk accessories and you’ve got the full package. What an awesome idea! 


10+ Creative Ideas for Repurposing a Changing Table

Mudroom Fixture

Another creative mama used rustic-looking chalk paint to repurpose a changing table into storage for her laundry room. Add some functional wire baskets for storage and you’re good to go!


repurpose baby changing table into a bar cart

DIY Beverage Cart 

Shine Your Light has the perfect solution to upcycle that no-longer-needed changing table into something that’s actually useful – a bar cart! Great for displaying your liquor and barware. 

We love this tutorial because it looks like she simply painted the changing table. No nails or power tools required! 

But maybe alcohol’s not your drink? She’s also got other ideas – a tea/coffee station and an outdoor beverage cart. Talk about versatility! 


Front Porch Table

Take one vintage changing table from the 60s, add some cool stencils, chalk paint, and get the cutest table for your front porch!  

Thanks for the inspiration, Little Bit of Paint


repurposing a changing table into a doll bunk bed

Using a Changing Table as Doll Bed 

Facebook DIYer Joanna King shared how she transformed an old changing table she picked up at a garage sale into the cutest bunk beds for baby dolls. 

She started by cutting off the bottom shelf and sanding the bottom of the legs until smooth. 

Then she touched up the paint and made mattresses out of foam bed topper and fabric. 

(Psst… but it’s also a great way to repurpose your old changing pad and receiving blankets). 

Aren’t those quilts adorable? Her mom and sister made them! But if you’re not as lucky to have such talented and generous family members, there are adorable baby doll quilts available for purchase. 

Aren’t these ideas for repurposing a changing table truly fantastic?

What did you decide to do with your old nursery furniture? Repurpose it? Donate it?

Let us know in the comments below!

10+ Creative Ideas for Repurposing a Changing Table

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