15 Non-food and Unique Birthday Treats for School That Will Delight Your Child

When it comes to celebrating a kid’s birthday, parents often want to do something special that will delight their child. But what can you do when the child’s school does not allow food in the classroom? You search the internet for non-food and unique birthday treats for school that will make your kid the star of the show!

Well look no further, these treats and ideas are sure to make your child’s birthday celebration a special one.

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15 Non-food and Unique Birthday Treats for School

When it comes to celebrating a child’s birthday, most parents think about food.

However, there are many non-food and unique birthday treats that can be distributed in school classrooms to guarantee the celebration to be a spectacular one.

Customizable pencils make a very unique birthday gift

1 |  Customized Birthday Pencils or Pens

These pencils or pens can be personalized with the child’s name and/or photo. They make for a great keepsake and are also super practical!

Pop-its are a fun non-food item you can bring for a school birthday party

2 |  Pop-Its

These pop-it fidget toys are small, colorful toys that make a satisfying pop when they are pressed – thing reusable bubble wrap. They are a fun busy toy that kids love.

cute little animal mochis make a unique birthday treat

3 |  Squishy Toys or “Mochi”

These squishy creatures are super cute and have the most addictive texture.

scratch pads make a really fun unique birthday treats for school

4 |  Scratch Note Pads

With these portable scratch art kits, kids use a little wooden tool to scratch away the black film over a rainbow background to write colorful notes or draw pictures.

Smelly marker pack Mr Sketch from amazon

5 |  Smelly Markers

A couple of scented markers are fun and something that kids can enjoy during class and after school.

The light up spinning rings are such a fun and unique birthday treats for school kids

6 |  Light Up Spinning Ring

How cool are these light up ring toys? Be honest, you kind of want one for yourself.

animal fun twisty straws make a fun non-food idea for birthday party favors

7 |  Silly Straws

These animal-themed silly straws are a huge hit in my house! My kids love drinking through wacky straws and get so excited when they’re gifted them at parties.

little magnetic doodle boards you can buy in bulk on amazon

8 |  Magnetic Drawing Board

Remember these magnetic boards from your childhood? They’re still super cool and come in keychains!

glow sticks make fun party favors when brought to school

9 | Glow Sticks

Inexpensive and kids love them, glow sticks make great little birthday favors to pass around the class. You can even find some cute printables like this one to attach.

my kids love these sticker animals you can get from amazon

10 | Stickers

These stickers are super cute and make a fun activity for kids too. Or there’s stickers for pretty much everything so you can find stickers for any of your child’s interests, hobbies, favorite animals, you name it.

color-your-own bookmarks make for really fun unique birthday treats for school for your kids

11 | Bookmarks

Ideal for your little reader, bookmarks are a cute and easy favor! These color your own bookmarks are especially fun for kids!

cute little erasers you can buy in bulk on amazon

12| Erasers

With so many adorable options to choose from, you are sure to find erasers that your child likes and they make a fun and useful favor!

Non food birthday treats for school temporary tattoos

13 | Temporary Tattoos

Kids love these things and they make great favors! There are tons of choices out there, but a pack like this one is perfect so each child can get a full sheet of tattoos.

assorted stamps self-inking from amazon

14 | Stamps

Self-inking stamps are really fun! You can find loads of different designs so there’s bound to be one your child likes!

15 | Bubbles

What kid doesn’t like bubbles? With a wide variety of sizes and styles of bottles, there are tons of cute options and you can find some adorable tags and even personalized labels on Etsy.


**Mom Tip** Schools have different rules and policies about what you can send into the classroom, so we recommend you check with your child’s teacher to ensure that your birthday treats are allowed.

How to celebrate with unique Birthday Treats for School

How Do You Celebrate Kid’s Birthday in School?

There are so many ways a child can celebrate their birthday in a classroom setting. 

We pack a special lunch with a little sweet treat and let them wear a birthday-themed outfit

You can wrap each lunch item in birthday wrapping paper (a suggestion from our list of birthday traditions to make your child feel special – read the rest of our ideas here).

Teachers will often have them wear a special birthday crown, give them a birthday shout out, and lead the class in a song.

If you want to come to a classroom, volunteer to be a mystery reader or help with a project.

You can also include a book in your child’s backpack as a special gift from your family to their class library.

Whatever you decide to do, there are lots of ways to make your child feel loved and special on their big day!

Did we miss anything? Do you have other ideas for non-food birthday treats for school? Share in the comments!

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