How to Have a Spellbinding Halloween without Candy

no candy halloween treatsno candy halloween treats

no candy halloween treats

Whether you want to have a no-candy Halloween or just reduce the amount of sugar consumption, the answer to your problem is the same: The Halloween Witch.

Ok I’ll admit it… I’m a total crunchy mom that has never let me children (now 2 and 4 years old) have a piece of candy.  (Although I know someone might have snuck them one behind my back)

If you’re like me and want to avoid sugary sweets completely, then I’ve got your answers here.

Or maybe you’re OK with the occasional piece of candy but don’t want your child to go into a complete sugar coma on Halloween night – I can help you too.

There’s also children who can’t have certain sweets due to allergies and different sensitivities – we’ve got your answers here!

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no candy halloween treats


The Legend of the Halloween Witch

A few weeks before Halloween, we begin talking about the Halloween witch (some call her the “switch witch”). Here’s the basic story:

On Halloween night, you put a bunch of candy outside your front door. The Halloween Switch Witch comes to collect the candy late at night when you’re sleeping.  If you’ve collected enough candy to satisfy the witch, she’ll leave you a present.

For the full story (or for those children who want “proof”), be sure to read the super-cute book, Trick or Treat (the Switch Witch and how she came to be), to your kids:


If you buy the original book, it comes with a little witch doll (much like The Elf on the Shelf). It also gives you the special, magical words the witch sings when she switches your candy! 

In the book, they explain about how the candy is used for fuel (to heat the house, for the broom, etc.). 

no candy halloween treats


Creative Positive Halloween Feelings

I love this idea because instead of saying “no”, you’re letting your child celebrate and have fun on Halloween in a different way.

…We’re just shifting the “fun” of candy to the fun of a present!

Fun doesn’t have to only mean junk food.

For kids with terrible moms (like myself) who won’t let them have any candy, they are still excited to collect the candy to help build the witch’s house, fuel her broom, or whatever excuse you’ve given.

They also know the more candy the collect, the better the present will be! 

Lots of children with allergies are also used to being told they “can’t” have something. The Halloween Switch Witch allows them to enjoy the treats they are permitted to have but trade-in the ones they have to skip.   

It also encourages giving and charity. Less sugar and good values, score!

no candy halloween treats

The Switch

After a night of trick-or-treating, we have our children put all their candy in a small, plastic cauldron

We have this plastic cauldron because we also use it to store my daughter’s bows in her Harry Potter-themed bedroom.


They place the cauldron on the front porch to leave it for the witch.

After they are asleep, I trade it for a present for each child.

For authenticity, I “wrap” it in fake spider web and leave little plastic spiders on it!

The kids are SO EXCITED the next morning when they discover their gifts from the Halloween Switch Witch. It’s a wonderful tradition to start with your children.

Do you have any fun Halloween traditions?  We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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