6 of the Best Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking at a huge box of leftover Halloween candy and wondering what to do with all of it. 

6 of the Best Uses for Leftover Halloween CandyThis is what’s left after the kids got a few pieces and my husband and I picked out all the good stuff. Thanks to the switch witch coming and “taking it to build her house”, my kids don’t realize we have this giant sugar stash and therefore aren’t asking about it. 

So what are some ways to use it up? We’ll talk through saving it, storing it, donating it, and some creative leftover Halloween candy recipes.   

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Save It for Future Holidays 

This is a great idea for candy that doesn’t have Halloween-specific packaging. 

There are lots of holidays coming up in the next six months that require candy – save it for those!

Save those M&Ms and gumdrops for gingerbread houses come Christmas time. You could also use them in an advent calendar or as stocking stuffers. 

In February, tape leftover fun-size bars to Valentine’s cards for school/daycare. When springtime comes around you can thaw any leftovers for Easter baskets. Another great idea is using them to fill birthday piñatas! 

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How Do You Store Leftover Halloween Candy?

Freeze it! Simple as that. 

If you’re going to be using candy more than a month down the road, divide it into reusable freezer bags and stick in the back of the freezer. Give some thought to how you want to organize the candy. Maybe divide it into chocolate vs. non-chocolate. Or divide it into different holidays/events you’re planning on using it for. Remember to label appropriately! 

6 Genius Ideas for Using Leftover Halloween Candy

Make Some Cash

This year I saw this cool article where a dentist office paid children by the pound for leftover Halloween candy. And of course, also gave out toothbrushes.

This isn’t necessarily an option everywhere, but an idea to keep an eye out for! Check out this website to find a location near you. 

Where Can I Donate Leftover Halloween Candy?

There are so many great options for donating leftover Halloween candy! For local ideas, consider calling a nearby food pantry, homeless shelter, or nursing home to see if they accept candy. 

One of the larger organizations to consider is Treats for Troops. This group is run by Soldier’s Angels and it does exactly what it sounds like- sends candy to soldiers. Business sign up to be collection locations and allow kids to earn prizes based on the amount they donate. Plus they’ll give a tax deductible receipt for parents!

You can also call your closet Ronald McDonald House charity to find out if they are accepting candy for the children and their families to enjoy. 

6 Genius Ideas for Using Leftover Halloween Candy

Enjoy Peace on Long Car Rides 

Lollipops stored in the car (in the non-summer months) make great distractions for long car rides as they take a while to eat! Gives you a few moments to relax and not worry about singing “wheels on the bus” for the millionth time. 

Save for Mom Emergencies

All Halloween candy is subject to a steep Mom-tax in our house. 

As the kids are admiring their hauls, I sneak as many Reese’s and Almond Joys as I can get. Then I hide them either in my desk or freezer for special occasions when I need a little chocolate pick-me-up. 

Step up Your Dessert and Breakfast Game

Chopped up chocolate bars, M&Ms, and other yummies can have so many additional uses! Get creative in thinking of unique leftover halloween candy recipes. 

You can make cookies and use the candy pieces in lieu of chocolate chips for an amazing taste and texture. They can also be used as toppings for an ice cream sundae bar, put inside pancakes, used in s’mores, or added to shakes! 

I’m sure there are other great ideas out there so leave a comment below! What do you do with all your kid’s leftover Halloween candy?

6 of the Best Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy

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