8 Tips to Make Halloween With a Baby Extra Fun

Trying to figure out how to celebrate Halloween with a baby? Make Baby’s First Halloween extra special and memorable (at least for you).

Halloween is such a fun holiday for families, but trying to celebrate with an infant can be a little challenging. Many fun aspects of Halloween aren’t super baby-friendly. 

8 Tips to Make Halloween With a Baby Extra FunYour baby probably wouldn’t appreciate ghosts, skeletons, or ax murderers with chainsaws popping out at them. And they can’t have the best yummy treats like candy and caramel apples. 

Wondering how do I make my baby’s first Halloween special? Don’t worry! There are still plenty of ways to enjoy Halloween with your baby.

Baby’s First Halloween is the ideal time to start family holiday traditions. We have an entire list of fun Halloween traditions to get your started.

While your baby isn’t ready for all Halloween traditions, you can still have lots of fun!

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How Do You Celebrate Halloween With a Baby?

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

A quintessential Halloween tradition, don’t skip the pumpkin patch with your baby!

Think the baby is too young? Pumpkin patches are fun for all ages. 

Most babies will enjoy all of the new sights, sounds, and smells!

Being outdoors, pumpkin patches are also really ideal for babies. They can be loud and messy and no one will care. 

Plus, you can get some awesome photos of your little one among the pumpkins!

Baby’s First Halloween Costume

Picking a baby’s first Halloween costume can be very exciting. There are so many adorable options and it can be hard to choose one.

How elaborate do you want to get? Some baby costumes are simple onesies while others are much more involved

When selecting a baby’s costume keep in mind a few practical considerations. For instance, think about diaper access and comfort for baby. Also, since babies are notoriously messy, don’t let a blow out or spit up ruin the day. Having a back up costume or outfit might be necessary.

The age of your baby is also an important factor to consider. Newborn Halloween costumes are so sweet, but may not work well for a older mobile baby.

Also, if you’re planning to take baby out and about, their stroller or carrier may cover up their costume so you could incorporate it instead. I’ve seen some super creative parents decorate wagons and strollers and it’s always a huge hit!

Including baby in family Halloween costumes is also another fun way to go! 

Here are some of our favorite costumes for babies:

Baby’s First Halloween Outfit

Get a special Baby’s First Halloween outfit (not to be confused with their Halloween costume). There are so many ridiculously cute Halloween baby clothes, they may end up with several to wear throughout the month.

Here are couple of our favorite infant Halloween outfits:

And of course don’t forget the jammies!

I love everything holiday including pajamas so I always end up getting them for my kids. They’re just too cute, I can’t help it.

Another fun idea is to get a special Halloween bib. This can dress up any outfit to make baby look festive on the spot! Plus it saves your adorable Halloween outfit!

8 Tips to Make Halloween With a Baby Extra Fun

Look For Local Halloween Events 

Check for local festive events to enjoy with your baby.

Look for events like fairs, parades, and storytimes that would be tons of fun for you and your baby.

Also, if you have a local zoo, check them out. Many organize ‘Zoo Boo’ and ‘Boo at The Zoo’ events.

8 Tips to Make Halloween With a Baby Extra Fun

Take Lots of Photos!

Be sure to have a baby Halloween photo shoot!

Of course, you’ll want to get plenty of pictures of your baby in their Halloween outfits and costume!

Also, consider using props for more Halloween-y photos. Putting baby in a pumpkin is an adorable idea! 

You can also get photo props  (like these cute ones) for all of baby’s first holidays!

Read Halloween Books for Babies

Reading to infants is great for their development, so mix up your regular book collection with some festive Halloween baby books. 

Some of our favorite Halloween board books are Where’s Boo? and Llama Llama Trick or Treat.

Here is a list of our favorite Halloween books for toddlers, many are perfect for babies too.

Halloween crafts

Make a Halloween Craft

Your baby is probably not much of a crafter just yet so you’ll want to plan accordingly. That said, you can make some amazing Halloween crafts with babies hand and foot prints which you’ll cherish for years.

Their tiny hands and feet grow so quickly, take this opportunity to capture just how small and precious they are with a Halloween decoration. Each year, you’ll remember just how sweet and teeny they were this first Halloween.

Here is our complete list of the best Halloween crafts for kids to get some inspiration. 

Once you start to feel that fall air, it’s time to start thinking about creating some family fun Halloween traditions for kids.

Can Babies go Trick Or Treating?

So this is a fairly hotly debated question oddly enough. On the yes side is that parents want to dress up their baby and celebrate Halloween. On the no side is that some neighbors find it tacky to ask for candy for the parents, since clearly the baby can’t eat it.

While most people love seeing babies in costume, the candy grab can be awkward.

So what should parents do?

The easy solution is to simply dress up and parade your baby trick or treat style, but without the expectation of candy. 

Some parents only knock on the doors of friends and family that they know, more like a short visit. For instance, grandparents usually love to be in on the Halloween festivities so taking the baby to trick or treat at their houses can be ideal. 

If you do end up with lots of extra candy, here are a few ideas of what to do with leftover Halloween treats.

I love celebrating baby’s first holidays! If you liked these tips for Halloween, check out my tips for celebrating the rest of the holidays with Baby’s First Thanksgiving, Baby’s first Christmas, and Baby’s First Easter!

What are you doing for your baby’s first Halloween? Share your mom tips for celebrating Halloween with a baby!

Looking to the future, is your baby’s first Christmas coming up? Check out our tips to make it extra magical!

8 Tips to Make Halloween With a Baby Extra Fun


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