40+ Festive Halloween Songs for Toddlers

What better way to celebrate a holiday than music? So in the fall you know that means creating the perfect playlist of Halloween songs for toddlers and the whole family. 

40+ Festive Halloween Songs for ToddlersYou might think finding great Halloween songs for toddlers would be easy. Put on Spotify and you’re good to go, right?

Unfortunately it’s not that easy. I find a lot of the kid’s Halloween playlists to be very repetitive, lack variety, or the worst…. Consist of super annoying songs. 

So today I’m going to give you the 42+ BEST Halloween songs for toddlers out there. And to make it easy, I’m dividing it into three categories: spooky, festive, and adult. 

Spooky(ish) Halloween Songs for Toddlers 

When talking about spooky Halloween songs for toddlers, I’m obviously not talking about super frightening.
Spooky for young children means creepy-sounding music chords or simply using scary words like “ghosts” or “blood”. 

  • Halloween     The New Fangles   
  • A StoryBots Halloween     StoryBots
  • Spooky Alan     The New Fangles  
  • They Don’t Scare Me     Mickey Mouse 
  • Spooky, Scary Skeletons     Andrew Gold 
  • Trick or Treat     Blippi
  • Witches on Halloween     Bounce Patrol 
  • I’m a Crazy Witch     Howdytoons 
  • I went walking in the night     Howdytoons 
  • This is Halloween     The Citizens of Halloween 
  • Grim, Grinning Ghosts     Mickey’s Monster Bash
  • Halloween Song     Blippi

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Fun and Festive James 

There are fun, upbeat melodies that sing about Halloween themes. While they may use Halloween-ish words like “witches” or “vampires”, they aren’t very scary sounding. 

  • Halloween Stomp     Bounce Patrol       
  • Pumpkin Face     The Wiggles 
  • Boo     Kidzone 
  • Creepy Crawly Spider     The Kiboomers 
  • Trick or Treat     Andrew Gold
  • The Zoombie Boogie     The Kiboomers 
  • It’s Halloween     Howdytoons 
  • Spooky and You Know It    Mr Yipadee, Nursery Rhymes 
  • Five Little Monsters     Super Simple Songs 
  • The Monsters Stomp Around the House     The Kiboomers 
  • Feliz Halloween     Bounce Patrol
  • Bones (Inside of You)     Count Von Count 
  • I want Candy     The Countdown Kids 
  • Halloween Party Freeze Dance Game     The Kiboomers 
  • Halloween Shark     Little Baby Bum Nursery Rhyme Friends 
  • The Broomstick Dance     Cast of Sofia the First 
  • Elmo Says Boo!     Sesame Street, Elmo
  • Five Little Pumpkins     The Kiboomers 
  • Happy Halloween!     Toddler Tunes 

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Kid-Friendly Adults Songs

While these songs were created for an adult audience, they definitely deserve to be on a playlist of Halloween songs for toddlers as they are clean and fun for the whole family. 

  • Thriller     Michael Jackson       
  • Monster Mash     Bobby “Boris” Pickett 
  • Ghostbusters     Ray Parker Jr. 
  • I’m in Love With a Monster    Fifth Harmony 
  • Witch Doctor     David Seville 
  • The Purple People Eater     Sheb Wooley
  • The Addams Family     Vic Mizzy
  • I Put a Spell on You     Screamin’ Jay Hawkins 
  • Werewolves of London     Warren Zevon
  • Superstition     Stevie Wonder 
  • Weird Science     Oingo Boingo

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Anything I missed? What are some of your family favorites? Let us know in the comments!

40+ Festive Halloween Songs for Toddlers

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