Magical and Fun Halloween Traditions For Your Kids

Once you start to breathe in that fall air, it’s time to start thinking about creating some family fun Halloween traditions for kids. 

Magical and Fun Halloween Traditions For Your KidsThe Halloween season can be fun for the whole family. Make a point to purposefully set aside some time to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

Don’t just be a mums-and-pumpkin-on-the-porch kind of mom. Be sure to make this year’s Halloween something to remember with these special and spooky ideas. 

From crafts to costumes and even Halloween food traditions – we’ve got something for everyone.

If this you’ll be celebrating this year with an infant, be sure to check out this tips for Baby’s First Halloween!

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1 |  Read a Halloween Book

Kids will love to read some festive seasonal stories. Halloween books can help the whole family get excited for the holiday.

There are so many great holiday books for kids, you can check out our Halloween favorites for toddlers and preschoolers here.

2 |  “Boo” Your Neighbors

If your neighborhood doesn’t already “Boo” each other, you should start the tradition!

It’s a little like a Halloween secret santa. Essentially you leave a treat or small gift for a neighbor, they pay it forward, and the generosity spreads through the neighborhood. 

You can find a more in depth explanation with free printables at Uncommon Designs.

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Caramel apples

3 |  Make Caramel Apples

Few Halloween food traditions say fall to me quite like caramel apples. Kids love to make and eat them too!

These caramel wraps make it super easy to cover your apples with deliciousness with minimal mess.

4 |  Don Halloween Apparel 

There are so many cute Halloween-themed outfits to get your family in the spirit! Think spiderweb leggings, cute monster hats, witchy hair accessories, and cute slogans on shirts

Trust us, your kids will love them around Halloween but will want to wear them the rest of the year too!

Once you start to feel that fall air, it’s time to start thinking about creating some family fun Halloween traditions for kids.

5 |  Decorate for the Holiday

Of all the Halloween traditions, this one gets me most in the spirit!!

Dig out that old decoration box and have fun setting them up with your kids. 

Be sure to buy some new ones this year too! Personally we’re loving these GIANT spiders this season.  

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Once you start to feel that fall air, it’s time to start thinking about creating some family fun Halloween traditions for kids.

6 |  Choose and Plan Your Halloween Costume

This can be one of the trickier Halloween traditions for kids…

On one hand, of course you want to start planning early so you have as much time possible to prepare and perfect your costumes. 

On the other hand, picking costumes too early increases the chances kids will change their mind after you’ve already started working on it. 

Decisions, decisions…

Once you start to feel that fall air, it’s time to start thinking about creating some family fun Halloween traditions for kids.

7 |  Start Talking About the Switch Witch

I’m a HUGE fan of the Switch Witch. She keeps the inevitable sugar situation under control! 

Haven’t heard of her? Stop what you’re doing and read all about the wonderful and magnificent Switch Witch.

It’s such a simple concept, I’m shocked all parents don’t start this tradition!

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8 |  Bake Halloween Cookies

Baking cookies and a great holiday tradition. Kids love to help with the preparation and decorating.

Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe and grab some fun Halloween cookie cutters!

Cookies are not only a fun activity, but also a delicious treat for both kids and mom.

Once you start to feel that fall air, it’s time to start thinking about creating some family fun Halloween traditions for kids.

9 |  Make Halloween Crafts

Keep those little ones busy with some fun spooky crafts.

Pinterest has so many creative ideas for Halloween kid’s activities, but I put together a list of some of the very best crafts that also make awesome decorations

One of my favorites is to make a spooky Halloween cookie house. It’s a gingerbread house, but for Halloween. They’re so fun to make and double as a cute, festive centerpiece. 

You can buy a kit (like this one, just use Halloween-colored candies) or the easiest option is to get a plastic house (like this Candy Cottage) that you can redecorate for each holiday, year after year.

You can find all of the crafts ideas here.

10 |  Halloween Jammies

I’m a sucker for holiday pajamas. Halloween is no exception.

We get them early to wear them through October (and honestly, long past too).

We love these Burt’s Bees ones because they are super soft and come in so many fun patterns (including ‘stamped pumpkins’ and ‘Halloween stripe’).

Watch Scary Movie

11 |  Watch a Scary Movie

What says Halloween like watching a horror movie? 

Well, if you have young kids, you may not want to watch something too scary. In fact, if you have kids like mine, you want something that isn’t actually scary at all.

If you want a not-scary option for little ones try It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown or Monsters, Inc.

For slightly older kids check out Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas or Ghostbusters

12 |  Play Halloween Games 

Halloween Bingo, Hocus Pocus, charades, I Spy, and on and on. 

So many games out there to start fun Halloween traditions for kids! 

13 |  Tell Spooky Stories Around a Fire

There’s nothing like that first fire in fall, am I right?

Step it up a notch by brainstorming scary stories – just be sure they are age appropriate for the audience! 

You can either take turns telling individual stories or allow each person to contribute to part of a bigger story.  

Once you start to feel that fall air, it’s time to start thinking about creating some family fun Halloween traditions for kids.

14 |  Visit a Pumpkin Patch and Carve a Jack O’ Lantern

We can’t talk about fun Halloween traditions for kids and not bring up pumpkin patches and carving! 

Adorn your best Halloween attire and take in some fresh fall air at a pumpkin patch. Be sure to grab some apple cider and kettle corn while you’re there. 

The night before Halloween, set aside some time to carve pumpkins. We like to mix it up and use some templates and a few traditional, hand-drawn jack o’ lanterns as well. 

And don’t forget to roast the pumpkin seeds! 

15 |  Pumpkin Flavor Everything

One of my favorite things about Autumn is breaking out the pumpkin spice. Lattes, breads, bagels, teas, pancakes, ice cream… if it has pumpkin on the label, I will buy it.

Pumpkin Muffins

One of the best pumpkin treats that I actually make myself is muffins. With only two ingredients it doesn’t get any easier.

Find my super-popular pumpkin muffin recipe here.

16 | Listen to Halloween Music

Make a spooky playlist of festive songs to get into the Halloween spirit!

Having trouble thinking of Halloween songs for little kids to add to your playlist? We have a list of the best Halloween songs for toddlers that you can read here.


Does your family have any other fun Halloween traditions for kids? We’d love to hear about how you celebrate Halloween and make it special! Share your family traditions in the comments!


Magical and Fun Halloween Traditions For Your Kids


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