The Most Flavorful and Easy Pancake Recipe for Kids

This is my super secret easy pancake recipe for kids. It only requires 3 ingredients that I always have on hand and creates the most delicious, mouth-watering, and flavorful pancakes. 

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Sometimes I like to go all “Becky home-ecky” and make things completely from scratch. But the truth of the matter (even though it breaks my heart) is that my kids LOVE this semi-homemade version better than anything I can whip up. 

Does anyone else have this issue? I have the same problem with macaroni and cheese. I could make the most amazing and creamy mac n’ cheese from scratch, but kids will still prefer “the tiny shells” (Annie’s).

The Secret Ingredient

Are you ready for the secret ingredient? 

Flavored muffin mix

But not just any muffin mix. Martha White Muffin Mix

The truly magical part is that it comes in sooooo many flavors: blueberry, apple cider, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate, lemon poppyseed, pumpkin spice, banana nut, wild berry, cranberry orange, and apple cinnamon (just to name a few!). 

This makes it easy to switch things up and the kids have a blast picking out their flavors in the morning. 

Apparently some people can easily find Martha White Muffin Mix in their local Walmart. Unfortunately mine doesn’t carry it. 

However, I get the Martha White variety packs on Amazon in bulk for pretty cheap. 

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Is Muffin Mix the Secret Ingredient to Amazing Pancakes?

The Most Easy Pancake Recipe for Kids   

Take your Martha White Muffin Mix, whichever flavor you like, and mix the packet with 1 egg and 2/3 cup milk. Yep, that’s it. 

Then fry up on the stove or with your favorite griddle to make pancakes. It makes about 8 or 9 medium-sized pancakes.  

Since my kids love these pancakes, they’ll eat almost the entire batch. They’ll usually leave one or two I can enjoy with my morning cup of coffee.

Of course, if you’re feeling fancy you can add fresh fruit to the mix. But believe me, these guys are so flavorful they don’t need any! 

Yield: 8 Pancakes

Super Easy Pancake Recipe for Kids (Using Muffin Mix!)

Super Easy Pancake Recipe for Kids (Using Muffin Mix!)
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes



  1. Mix together all ingredients until just combined.
  2. Start either a pancake griddle or stove top pan heating on medium heat. Add some cooking spray or butter if it's not a non-stick surface.
  3. Pour out in 1/4 cup portions and cook for 2-3 minutes per side.


You may have to adjust cooking temperature/time for different stoves.

The Most Flavorful and Easy Pancake Recipe for Kids

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