10 Easy DIY Father’s Day Gifts to Make at Home

With Father’s Day approaching, I’ve been looking for some new gift ideas. This year in particular, I’ve been focusing on gifts that can be made at home. So I’ve scoured the internet for the best DIY Father’s Day gifts that my kids can actually make with things from around the house.

I will admit that every year I struggle to come up with gift ideas for Father’s Day. We stick to a tight budget so I often have to get creative with homemade gifts.

10 Amazingly Easy DIY Father’s Day Gifts That Dad Will LoveIt can be challenging to find gifts that my kids can actually make themselves. They’re pretty young and many of the handmade gift ideas I find online require A LOT of parental help.

I know that at this age my kids will need some help, but I don’t want to do the entire craft myself. While I’m sure my husband appreciates my artwork, it seems much more meaningful for him to receive a gift from the kids that they were able to create themselves.

I also looked specifically for ideas that could be made with everyday household items. With three kids and a tight budget, I don’t have the time to run to multiple stores or the desire to find obscure crafting items. And honestly, I’m usually scrambling at the last minute, so I need to work with what I have available.

Whatever your reasons for DIY gifts, I’m here to help with the best ideas I could find for kids!

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Here Are 10 Easy DIY Father’s Day Gifts That Your Kids Can Make at Home:


Super Easy Father's Day gifts kids can make at home

Scribble Mug 

From I Heart Arts N Crafts

This super cute idea is perfect for young kids! It requires very little parent help and any child capable of using a marker can do it. 


LEGO Key Organizer 

From Man Made

If your child can spare a few LEGOs, this easy project makes a cool gift! This is so fun for kids and dads that love building together and makes something that is actually useful!

Super Easy Father's Day gifts kids can make at home

Comic Book Photo Frame 

From Crafts By Amanda

This is a perfect gift for superhero and comic book fans! The project is very simple, but depending on your child’s age, it may require a bit more help. 


Printable Father’s Day Decorations 

From Amanda’s Parties To Go

This tie themed free printable is really cute! The printable set comes with a banner, centerpieces, cupcake toppers, and tags. What about the gift? Dress up their favorite six pack with the decorative paper and tags to make a present many dad’s will love!

Super Easy Father's Day gifts kids can make at home

Salt Dough “DAD” Frame 

From The Soccer Mom Blog

So many great gifts can be made from salt dough and it is so easy! While we all know and love the hand and footprints, I really like that this project is so different. The photo frame is a fun twist on the usual salt dough craft!


Building Memories Jar 

From The Seasoned Mom

This is such an adorable and fun gift idea that would be crazy easy to put together even for young kids! This would be a fantastic use for Duplo blocks as your kids outgrow them. The best part is that it is perfect for tailoring to your own family’s favorite activities.

Super Easy Father's Day gifts kids can make at home

Father’s Day Coupons 

From Itsy Bitsy Fun

A coupons book for dad is so easy with this free printable. These coupons appear to be better suited for older kids, but it also includes blank sheets where your child could write down their own ideas and make these appropriate for any age.

Super Easy Father's Day gifts kids can make at home

Comic Book Coasters 

From Modge Podge Rocks

These coasters make a practical and fun gift! This craft tutorial is a bit more advanced than the others and is probably better suited for older kids, or some modifications and parental help for younger kids. Though the outlet covers aren’t necessarily a normal household item, they are very easily found at hardware stores or even Amazon.


Car Play Shirt 

From The Blue Basket

Take a blank white t-shirt and turn it into a fun activity! This idea is adorable and so easy to make, plus there is even a free printable design to download! 

Super Easy Father's Day gifts kids can make at home

Fire Starter Kit 

From Lia Griffith

This makes a great gift for adventurous dads! Young kids can help find the materials (though I’d probably leave the matches for mom to handle) and put together these easy kits. To make the decal, you have to become a member to get the SVG file.

I hope you found something perfect for your kids to make dad from this list!

If you’re looking for DIY card ideas too, these “I Love You This Much” cards are always a hit!


Are you making gifts for Father’s Day this year? Do you have any other great DIY gift ideas to share?

10 Amazingly Easy DIY Father’s Day Gifts That Dad Will Love

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