How to Make a DIY Diaper Bag First Aid Kit

Trying to figure out what to put in your DIY diaper bag first aid kit?

Be prepared for all of those cuts, scratches, and scrapes while you’re on the go by having these essentials on hand all the time.How to Make a DIY Diaper Bag First Aid Kit

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Why Do You Need a Diaper Bag First Aid Kit? 

So you won’t be me.

Picture this: My first child, a young toddler at the time, and I are enjoying a fun afternoon in the park. 

It’s a beautiful summer day, right up until the entirely predictable slip that scrapes his leg.

There are tears, oh, so many tears accompanied by extremely loud crying and lots of blood. Not like a horror movie amount of blood, but enough that I’m caught off guard.

It’s not a serious wound by any means, just a big scrape, but I am completely unprepared. I can feel the stares of judgement and between the screaming and the blood, I falter. 

In that moment I realize that I have a diaper bag full of things that are useless in the situation and it is a very long walk back to our car where I might have a band aid… maybe.

And as I struggle to soothe my distraught child and feel like the world’s worst mom a total stranger swoops in to save me. 

This kind Supermom whips out a mini first aid kit to offer me a variety of solutions. A large band aid and sticker get my kiddo back playing and smiling in no time. 

As I profusely thank Supermom, I know that I need to pay it forward. I will be prepared next time and I’ll hopefully be able to help another mom in need too. 

Be like Supermom.

Does this sound melodramatic? Hell yeah, but such is life with a toddler.

Kids get hurt all the time. Pretty much as soon as your baby is mobile, bumps and and scrapes are bound to happen. Toddlers are even worse, they fall ALL THE TIME.

So you might as well be prepared so that the inevitable scrapes don’t ruin the day.

How to Make a DIY Diaper Bag First Aid Kit

How To Build A DIY Diaper Bag First Aid Kit

There is a trick to the diaper bag first aid kit. 

You have to find just the right balance between having what you need, but not too much. 

If you’re like me, your diaper bag is already full. It’s bursting with diapers, wipes, extra clothes, burp cloths, and snacks with assorted crumbs lining the bottom. 

Space is at a premium, so any additions must be as small as possible and preferably add minimal weight. This thing is heavy enough.

**On a side note, I switched to a backpack diaper bag after my third and only wish I had done it sooner. Seriously, I can not recommend them strongly enough. Save your shoulder and keep both hands free. I have one like this that I absolutely love.

If you’re struggling with carrying a too bulky diaper bag, you should check out Jo’s recommendation for downsizing it here.

So due to size and weight limitations, this list is certainly not exhaustive in terms of a baby or toddler first aid kit. We have a much more in depth checklist for your baby’s medicine cabinet that you should definitely have at home.

This just includes the items that are helpful to have on you when you’re out and about for your average, minor boo-boos.

My mini baby first aid kit fits nicely in a ziplock bag, but makeup bags make much cuter cases.

How to Make a DIY Diaper Bag First Aid Kit

What To Put In A Basic DIY Diaper Bag First Aid Kit For Babies and Toddlers

Hand sanitizer

Perhaps, this is already in your diaper bag, but if not make sure to include it. You definitely want to sanitize your own hands before touching any wounds. 

Band aids

Possibly the most used items in my kit are the band-aids. Be sure to include assorted sizes and replenish as needed. Also, fun pictures for toddlers are basically a must.

Antibiotic ointment

Neosporin can help prevent infections in cuts and scrapes. You can get a tube or there little single use packets to save even more space. It’s best to clear using this on a baby with your pediatrician before including it as it can cause skin irritation. 

Gauze & tape

A few gauze pads are great for covering bigger boo-boos. Be sure you have some tape to secure it in place. Get ones that are individually packaged so they stay sterile in your kit. You can also use wet gauze to clean wounds too.


So simple and so useful. Get that splinter out right away with tweezers.

Plus Some Special Extras

While you may not need to carry these items all the time, they are great to add to your diaper bag first aid kit if you’ll be out a long time like a short trip.  Or you know, if you’re a me and you just want to be a little extra.

Saline and aspirator

For infants, I like to carry saline and a nasal aspirator. I always seem to have sniffly babies and have had to break this out so many times. Though I love the NoseFrida and use that at home, I carry a simple bulb in my bag. Even if your baby doesn’t struggle with congestion, at least have a few Boogie Wipes just in case.


While a rectal thermometer is most accurate for infants, it isn’t very convenient when you’re out and about. I used to carry just a standard digital thermometer, but recently found this Infrared one and love how easy it is to get a quick temp.

Pain Meds

If your little one spikes a fever while you’re out, you’ll be glad you’re carrying pain reliever like Tylenol or Motrin. Make sure you also pack the syringe or cup for measuring as well as a dosing chart. 

Can’t I Just Buy One?

Of course, you can! 

I wasn’t able to find many first aid kits for kids. Many of the pre-made kits aren’t really designed for babies and toddlers, so they may not have exactly what you want. Many also aren’t really designed to be easily carried in your bag so they could have a bunch of other things you don’t want.

That said, this awesome kit is the one that Supermom had. Isn’t it super cute?

Any other moms carrying a diaper bag first aid kit? Did we miss anything? Let us know what you include.

How to Make a DIY Diaper Bag First Aid Kit

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