10 Creative Things to Do for Father’s Day

This year, step it up and look for some fun and creative things to do for Father’s Day!

10 Creative Things to Do for Father's DayNo more ties as gifts, homemade coupon books, or barbecues (unless he really likes them).

Try to think outside the box and plan something truly unique and magical to make him feel special.

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We’ve got ten ideas to get you started.

1 |  Go on a Food Tour

If Dad is a foodie, this one’s a great idea. Find some local spots who are known for particular dishes and map out a course to hit as many as possible. Aim to share one small order at each location.

While you can stay close to home, another idea is to drive to your nearest city and walk from one restaurant to another.

Alternatively, you can drive around sampling different distilleries, wineries, or breweries if you think he’d prefer a sampling of those. Or even join a bus tour so you both can drink safely.

2 |  Ziplining/ Ropes Course

If dad is an adrenaline junkie, then he’ll love ziplining. Best of all, it’s fun for the whole family (older kids, at least). Alternatively, you can let him have a dude’s day with his friends.

A similar idea is a ropes course. This also involves a harness, but consists of navigating through various rope obstacles elevated up in the air.

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10 Creative Things to Do for Father Day

3 |  Video Game Marathon

Stay in your PJs, order pizza, and load up some video games for Dad.

Maybe there are some games the whole family can enjoy (Mario Kart!) or maybe he just wants some solo time to enjoy his favorites uninterrupted.

4 |  Plan a Show

My kids love this one so it’s one of our favorite creative things to do for Father’s Day. Have the family create a special show just for dad.

Maybe it’s a talent show, piano recital, poetry reading, short skit, or even improv. Tell him to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the entertainment.

To make it extra special, have the kids make special tickets and money so he can “buy” snacks like soda, candy, and popcorn.  

5 |  Go on a Surprise Day Trip

Pack up the car with snacks and sunscreen and hit the road!

Pick a fun spot that’s 2ish hours away for a fun new outing. For extra fun, keep it a surprise until you get there.

Think resorts, lakes, small towns, golf courses, concerts, fairs, museums, wineries… the possibilities are endless! Pick something that you know he’ll enjoy.

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6 |  Check Out His Ancestry

There are lots of websites out there that let you map out your family tree. Getting this process started can be especially meaningful on Father’s Day.

Another idea is to research the origin of his last name. Sometimes the meanings will surprise you!

7 |  Have a Kid Day

Dads are often the more “kid-like” parent. On Father’s Day, encourage him to embrace his inner child.

Watch cartoons all morning in your PJs, eat only the marshmallows in Lucky Charms (did you know they sell it like that??), make a pillow fort, play catch outside, and have ice cream sandwiches for dinner.

Guarantee kids and Dad will love it!

Dads love go-karting

8 |  Go Vroom Vroom

There’s a speedway about 2 hours from my house that lets you rent a race car for an hour to drive! They’ll also let people reserve a time to drive their personal cars around the track.

If you can’t find a company that will let you rent an actual race car, go-karts are another fun and equally fun alternative.

9 |  Have a Scavenger Hunt

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt. To ramp it up for Father’s Day think about hiding the clues wrapped around beer bottles, or even around town at different locations.

10 Creative Things to Do for Father Day

10 |  Rent a Boat

If he likes outdoorsy things, drive out to your nearest large body of water and rent a boat, jet ski, kayak, or paddle boat.

If you’re lucky enough to be near a river, you can also try tubing or white-water rafting! Bonus points if you bring an extra tube for the beer cooler.  

Do you have any other creative things to do for Father’s Day? We’d love to hear your best ideas, let us know in the comments!

10 Creative Things to Do for Father's Day

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