The 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Siblings to Share

As the holiday season approaches and you start making your final gift list, you may find yourself wondering if there are any fun Christmas gifts for siblings to share. 

The 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Siblings to ShareNot to brag, but we’re pretty much Christmas rockstars here at The Moms At Odds. 

Rachel completely transforms her house into a winter wonderland and shops for Christmas gifts year round! And Jo has mastered achieving full festive mode without buying a single new toy

Plus, between us we have five kids and have both received (and purchased!) loads of Christmas gifts for siblings to share. So believe us, we know what we’re talking about. 

We’ve seen the best shared sibling gifts and the ones that get pitched out faster than an old sticky candy cane. 

So grab yourself a festive cup of hot cocoa and let’s dive right in. 

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The Top 20 Christmas Gifts for Siblings to Share

There are many reasons why you might be considering buying Christmas gifts for siblings to share. 

For starters, they prevent a lot of sibling competition and rivalry. After all, if they receive the same thing, they can’t complain that one got more than the other! 

Second, it means less clutter around the house and less waste. 

And finally, it’s (sometimes) a cheaper option. Depending on the joint gift, it’s possible you’ll spend less than buying individual gifts for each member of the family. 

So without further adieu, here are the best Christmas gifts for siblings to share:

Joint Gift for Toddlers

1 |  Wagon

For a household with two toddlers, wagons (like this one) make an ideal gift for sharing. Not only can both toddler fit in it and ride together, but they can also take turns pulling each other or at least trying. Since it requires more than one person to go anywhere, the sharing aspect tends to come naturally, though they may still argue over who gets to pull and ride at any given time.

2 |  Play Tent

A play tent is a great gift for toddlers to share. There is plenty of space for two plus their toys inside and lots of opportunity for imaginative play. These can be used indoors or outdoors and come in tons of fun different styles. From their favorite tv characters, to space ships, to princess castles, you’re sure to find one your kids will love.

3 |  Play Kitchen

Great for imaginative play, toddlers tend to love play kitchens. Though there can still be difficulty sharing, most kitchens are large enough for two to play especially if you have lots of food options. With plenty of play pieces to go around, these make a great sibling gift. 

We love this KidKraft kitchen, with lots of space for siblings! Be sure to get extra play food too, but be sure to check they are age appropriate because some sets have pieces too small for young toddlers.

4 |  Ball Pit 

Ball pits make great Christmas gifts for siblings! Especially when there’s an age gap since kids of ALL ages absolutely love them. 

This particular model of ball pit is one of the perfect gifts for siblings to share. It’s a good size that will fit 2 kids (possibly even 3!) but not so big that it will take up your entire living room. 

We highly recommend purchasing 400 plastic balls to fill it. For us, that seems like the ideal number for play without them spilling out everywhere. 

Gifts for Older Siblings to Share

5 |  Board Games

Kids of all ages enjoy board games! They let kids be creative, help develop critical thinking skills, and teach problem solving. 

Here are a few of our top picks:

  • Outfoxed! |  This has been our favorite for years. It’s a cooperative game so you don’t have to worry about sibling conflict or competition. Players work together to learn the identity of the fox who stole the pie. They use a secret and fun “clue decoder” to rule out suspects. You can change the rules around  slightly to make it easier or more challenging. For 2-4 players, recommended ages 5 – 15 (although as an adult, I still love playing it with them!). 
  • Throw Throw Burrito |  Put any breakable items out of reach, this game is the perfect combination of a card game + dodgeball! Created by the same genius masterminds who brought us Exploding Kittens, this is truly one the whole family will enjoy. Throw Throw Burrito works great for kids with short attention spans – it takes 2 minutes to learn and a game lasts only 15 minutes. Players try to match up cards while simultaneously dodging flying burritos. For 2-6 players, recommended ages 7 and up. 
  • The Game of Life |  An oldie but a true goodie! Players spin the wheel to navigate life – choose careers, get married, go on vacation, even pay taxes. A fantastic option for your list of Christmas gifts for siblings to share because while there is competition, there’s also a high luck and chance component. For 2-4 players, recommended ages 8 and up (must be able to read well and count money). 

6 |  Building Sets 

Building and construction sets make the perfect Christmas gifts for siblings to share! 

They allow for cooperation when they want to create something together. They also allow for independence when they want to parallel play and work separately with their own supplies. 

Our absolute favorite are the PicassoTiles – these are a winning set for kids of all ages. 

The magnet design allows for the tiles to “snap” in place and allow for easier construction. Once mastered, however, kids use them to test the laws of physics and create truly outstanding architectural designs. 

7 |  Home Escape Room

Calling  all puzzle solvers! Bring the excitement home with Escape Room The Game

One of the ideal gifts for siblings to share, this allows for a cooperative environment. Either everyone “escapes” together or you all lose. 

Players have to work together to discover clues and solve puzzles while they race against the clock. Manufacturer recommended age 10 years and up. 


8 |  Sports Equipment

Lots of sports are really well suited for kids to share. Give them the equipment to get them out, active, and playing together.

Here are some great ideas for sports equipment gifts for siblings:

Shared Christmas Presents for Sisters

9 |  Science Kit 

An ideal choice for Christmas gifts for siblings with curious and analytical minds!

This Learn & Climb Science Kit contains 21 unique experiments for budding young scientists to experience hands-on learning.  

Kids learn valuable chemistry, biology and physics techniques in a fun and practical way! Be aware that it does require some common household items as well that are not included. 

National Geographic also has some great options, like Electrical and Sensory kits.  

The Earth Science Kit has experiments that revolve around weather and geology – think water cyclones, growing crystals, and volcanos. 

For younger children (ages 4-6), these experiments can be completed with adult assistance. Older kids will be able to work by themselves. 

10 |  Crafting Set 

Crafting sets allow sisters to bond while they create something together and explore their artistic side. 

We are huge fans of rock painting. Make it super easy by getting everything you need all at once with a Rock Painting Kit (bonus – this one lets the rocks glow in the dark!). 

After sisters create their masterpieces, they can hide them around your neighborhood to spread joy and positive messages. 

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Another super fun idea is for sisters to create their own water globes. They use clay to create the figures inside the globe, seal it up, and fill with water for a nice decorative piece. 

11 |  Bead Kits

Bead kits for jewelry making can come with thousands of beads (like this one!) making them very easily shareable for siblings. Unless you know that they already have the other necessary materials, it’s a great idea to get a kit that also contains some other jewelry making supplies with it like clasps and string or wires.


12 |  Jewelry

Matching necklaces or bracelets for sisters make a really nice gift. Since they match there should be no need for jealousy and arguments. 

Best Toys for Brothers to Share


13 |  Laser Tag 

Bring the magic of laser tag home with one of our top Christmas gifts for siblings. 

Grab your gun, strap on that vest, and load up your ammo. Believe us, Squad Hero’s Battle Action Laser Tag is one of the best toys for brothers to share. 

This version allows for 4 players to battle it out with multiple different options for weapons, teams, and number of lives. With all the different combinations the fun will last for hours

Parents can be rest-assured that with rechargeable batteries they won’t have to constantly purchase and change out disposables. Plus Squad Hero has great customer service if things aren’t working like they should. 

14 |  Minute Challenges 

Based on the famous TV show ‘Minute to Win It’, Minute of Fun is a fast and hysterical game that will have brothers competing and rolling on the floor with laughter. 

This version contains supplies and prompts for 237 different challenges to keep the fun going for hours. I know my kids have a few favorites that they do and over and over again. 

Recommended for kids aged 8 and up. Although my kids (ages 5 and 7) can do most of them on their own once they were shown the concept. 

15 |  Walkie Talkies

Kids love walkie talkies! They will have a blast chatting to each other from across the house or yard with walkie talkies. These have surprisingly good range and clear signal for being made for kids.

16 |  Foosball

A Foosball table can provide endless fun for siblings. A few important considerations though are the space necessary for the table as well as the age of your kids. For young kids the ball could be a choking hazard, the rods could hit right at head height, or they could simply lack the coordination to play. A smaller tabletop version could be better suited for some families too.

If you have older kids and the space for even larger games, Ping Pong and Air Hockey are also super fun options.

Matching and Personalized Sibling Gifts

Coordinating costumes make great gifts for siblings to share

17 |  Costumes 

What kids don’t like to play dress up? 

Put a sibling spin on costumes by coordinating and having them compliment each other. 

Some fun ideas:

18 |  Personalized Books 

Kids will be amazed and in awe to see their names in print. 

I See Me! has an adorable custom book that allows you to pick skin tone, hair color, and gender for characters so it is personalized for your individual family. 

The adorable story shows siblings playing together and having adventures to celebrate their beautiful relationship. Truly one of the sweetest personalized sibling gifts.

19 |  Photo Puzzle

Puzzles are great gifts for siblings as they require cooperation and they’re just fun. A personalized photo puzzle can make it even better. Kids will love putting together a favorite photo of themselves. As an added bonus, the puzzle can be done over and over or glued together and hung on the wall!

Mini golf passes can be great Christmas gifts for siblings to share

20 |  Experiences

Giving tickets to local events, concerts or shows make great sibling gifts as both kids get to fully enjoy the experience.

Also consider passes to museums, zoos, aquariums, or amusement parks. These types of gifts can provide opportunities for learning and fun! 

Wrapping Up Christmas Gifts for Siblings

Did we miss any joint gift ideas? We’d love to hear from you! 

Let us know in the comments below some of the absolute best Christmas gifts for siblings to share you’ve either given or received. Merry Christmas to all of you amazing readers out there! 

The 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Siblings to Share

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