The Absolute Best Baby Wipes

What is the absolute BEST baby wipe?What is the absolute BEST baby wipe?

Baby wipes may not seem like a large line item, but every penny adds up. And considering that you will literally use thousands of these bad boys you might as well find what works the best for you.

Are wipes really that big of a deal?

Well, I will admit that I didn’t actually think so. I have never been brand loyal and figured all wipes were pretty much the same. However, after testing these out (in a similar experiment method to how I found the best diaper) I’ve become surprisingly discerning.

Now that I’ve noticed all of the small differences between wipe brands, I can’t unsee them and a clear winner sticks out.

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What is the absolute BEST baby wipe?


How I tested the wipes…

I tried the following 7 brands of wipes and compared them:

  1. Pampers Complete Clean
  2. Huggies Simply Clean
  3. Seventh Generation
  4. WaterWipes
  5. Up & up (Target)
  6. Parent’s Choice (Walmart)
  7. Little Journey (Aldi)

There was way more variety in many of the brands than I realized. Given the option, I chose the most basic and unscented wipes.

I used the pack of each brand and recorded my observations on feel, texture, and rips. I also compared how the wipes dispense or how easy/difficult it was to pull the wipes from the packaging.

Note that I couldn’t come up with any good way really compare how many wipes per diaper due to too much variation in poops. Also, I think I’m an overwiper, so I probably use way more than average.

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What is the absolute BEST baby wipe?



It seems that there are really 2 wipe styles. This is most easily seen with Pampers and Huggies.

Pampers wipes are thinner and Huggies wipes are thicker and textured. So I used these two common brand styles as the basis for comparison of the remaining brands:

My RankingBrandFeelStyle similar to…
1Huggies Simply Cleanthick/textured 
2Pampers Complete Cleanthin 
2Little Journeythick/texturedHuggies
3Up & upthinPampers
4Parent’s Choicethick/texturedHuggies
5Seventh Generationthick/texturedHuggies
  • No skin reactions were notes using any of the wipes.
  • The only wipes that I noticed rips were the Little Journey wipes, in which 2 from the packaged ripped.

When comparing the ease of pulling wipes from the packaging, I realized just how much I was overthinking baby wipes. That said, there were some differences I noted:

There are 2 ways that wipes are connected in the packaging to pull out – folded (like tissues) or perforated (like toilet paper).

The Huggies were the only brand that used the perforated method. The others used the folded method. The water wipes were the exception here as they don’t actually connect at all and are just folded on top of each other.

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What is the absolute BEST baby wipe?


An The Winner Is…


With few objective criteria, this totally comes down to personal preference. I preferred the thicker, textured wipes as they felt more effective. Even without any actual counting, I know I used fewer of the thicker wipes.

Also somewhat difficult to compare, the Huggies wipes seem a bit wetter. I find the “wetness” makes wiping easier.

The perforated way the Huggies wipes are connected is the best. I find it the easiest to avoid pulling out a ton of extra wipes.

Since I like the Huggies style the best, I was also a fan of the Little Journey, Parent’s Choice, and Seventh Generation wipes, even though they are folded together.

But what if you are a Pampers fan?

I know that some moms prefer the thinner, Pampers-style wipes. If they are your jam (and you want to save a  few cents) try the Up & up wipes. They are nearly identical.

What is the absolute BEST baby wipe?


The Disappointment

I wanted to love the WaterWipes, but I just couldn’t. Believe me, I tried.

Considering I hear moms rave about them and they were the most expensive of the wipes I used, I suppose my expectations were too high.

The WaterWipes are the most difficult to pull from the packaging. For one thing, the opening covers with a sticker instead of a plastic lid like all of the others.  This is too hard to use one-handed and also too easy to not seal back properly, allowing your wipes to dry out.

Additionally, the way they are folded (but not connected) makes you pull one wipe at a time. This is nice in that you don’t waste wipes by pulling out too many, but it’s annoying when you’re trying to grab another wipe quickly and seem to find the edge of the next wipe.

Due to the price and difficulties, I personally won’t be using these on a regular basis.

That said, they are supposed to be great for diaper rash and I think the biggest pro for the WaterWipes is that they are probably the gentlest wipe. Unlike the other wipes, they have only 2 ingredients listed:(1) water and (2) grape fruit seed extract.

Jo discussesJo here. Just wanted to pop in and save that I 100% agree with Rachel on this one (despite us usually being “at odds” on most subjects!).

Huggies wipes are the perfect thickness, wetness, and texture. But in addition to the quality, my favorite part is the fact that they are constantly on sale (with coupons) on Amazon Family! So they are both cheap AND shipped to me for free.

I hoard baby wipes. If they are kept sealed they almost-never dry up or go bad. Both of my kids are potty trained at this point, but I still keep baby wipes in my perfectly packed “diaper bag” and we’re using them regularly for cleaning hands and faces when we are out.

If you’re not a member of Amazon Family, check it out for a 30-Day FREE Trial:


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  1. Tiffany says:

    People call me a diaper and wipe snob. I stick with huggies because they work for us. They are definitely worth the extra buck. Especially when you do not need to use as many. My daughter is now potty trained but we keep wipes in the bathroom to keep her extra clean. She only need one, if any at all. One pack lasts me a long time. I stock up with amazon, especially now that baby 2 is on the way.

    1. Rachel says:

      It is definitely worth it to stick with what works! We also kept wipes after potty training. They’re great for cleaning up all sorts of toddler messes too!

  2. I am extremely inspired along with your writing skills as well as with the structure on your blog. Is that this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Either way stay up the nice quality writing, it’s uncommon to peer a great weblog like this one these days..|

  3. Amna says:

    I found these wipes and they have been amazing baby wipes
    They cover her like a regular bib and then some. It protects her and her clothing so well. She doesn’t hate it because the material is soft so she can freely move her arms.
    Most importantly. It washes so well. We have hand washed in sink and also in the washing machine. Comes out perfect both ways and dries so quickly when you hang it. I just hang it on a magnetic hook on the side of my refrigerator. No odors. No stains. Tough material. I bought six bibs but I probably would have gotten away with three since they are so durable. I keep one in my diaper bag now, too.<3 <3
    I highly recommend these to any Mom who is starting solids with their baby. Starting solids can be such a pain because of the constant cleaning. Less mess, easy cleanup, and a happy baby!

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