7 Things You Have To Do Before Your Child Starts Kindergarten

An Amazing Before Kindergarten ChecklistAn Amazing Before Kindergarten Checklist

Does the idea of your baby going to kindergarten make you teary-eyed? Or maybe you’re the kind of mom who is counting down the days for their preschooler to start elementary school.

Me?  I’m a combination of both.

On one hand, it feels like just yesterday I was bringing my son home from the hospital. He’s just a baby!  How is he ready for Kindergarten already? On the other hand… no more paying for daycare.  Nuff said.

Regardless of your feelings on the subject, there are some things every mom should do before their child starts Kindergarten in the fall.

7 Things You Have To Do Before Your Child Starts Kindergarten


1 |  Go on Day Trips

Take the opportunity before school starts to go on day trips during the week when things are less crowded (and cheaper!). 

Find local parks, events, or amusement parks to visit.  Drive out to the nearest big city, beach, or lake. Get tickets to a show or sporting event.

One fun way we explore our local area is by playing “Summer BINGO“.  Get a printable copy of it here:

We mark off activities after we complete them. After we get BINGO we celebrate with ice cream.  Then we start all over again!

7 Things You Have To Do Before Your Child Starts Kindergarten


2 |  Find Kids in Their Class

There are Facebook groups for EVERYTHING these days.  Search within Facebook for the name of your elementary school and find the parent group for rising kindergartners that year.

Parents will use this as communication throughout the year for discussing school issues and events. But before the school year starts, someone will usually organize a social or two that you can bring your child to to meet their future classmates (and you can meet the other parents!).

This is a great way to help ease the transition between preschool and kindergarten (or from home to kindergarten).

After you join the Facebook Group, share this article there so other moms can start their own checklist!

Psst… while you’re on Facebook you should start following The Moms At Odds for funny memes and relevant articles!

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3 |  Make School Shopping Special

Another way to get kids excited about starting kindergarten is to have a special time dedicated to getting them ready for school.

Pick the day (or even just the afternoon) and clear the calendar.  If you have other children, find someone to watch them.

Make sure your child knows this day is all about them. You can do an activity they like, buy school supplies, purchase some new clothes for school, and take them out to dinner at their favorite restaurant.

Not only have you knocked out school shopping in one day but it will be a special bonding moment that will stay with you and your child.

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4 |  Have a Snuggle Day

Sometimes it’s the simple days that we’ll miss the most when kids are off at school.

Don’t spend the entire month before school starts getting ready and trying to hit every item on your summer bucket list.

Try to have at least one day where you relax around the house in PJs.  Take the time to snuggle, take silly selfies on the couch, have tickle fights, read books, make cupcakes, and watch a movie.

I promise it’s the simple times that you’ll cherish in years to come!

7 Things You Have To Do Before Your Child Starts Kindergarten


5 |  Go on Vacation Whenever You Want

Remember that before your children are in school you have the luxury of vacationing at any time over the year.  

You don’t have to worry about excused vs. unexcused absences, missing class time, or making up assignments. Insane prices and lines during summer, spring break, and the holiday season don’t have to be a concern at all!  

Unfortunately this isn’t one for the last month before school starts. But the good news is that taking children out of school isn’t as frowned upon during kindergarten as it is in later years.So go on, take advantage of that freedom now and book that February cruise to the Bahamas. Go out and make family memories!

7 Things You Have To Do Before Your Child Starts Kindergarten


6 |  Let Your Child Choose the Adventure

It’s easy to get caught up in all the summer activities and lose sight of what actually matters to our children.

I’m guilty of this too. I see a cool event on Facebook and drag my kids. They have fun but honestly would have probably preferred another activity.

So ask them. Ask your preschooler what is interesting to them right now and have them pick that day’s activity.

You’ll be shocked at the things your kids love! Simple things like going to the mall and getting popcorn, reading books in the library, or feeding ducks at the pond.  

Not only does this ensure they are tickled by the day’s events, but it also gives them a feeling of self-assurance and independence.  

7 Things You Have To Do Before Your Child Starts Kindergarten


7 |  Go Out For Dinner the Night Before

The night before the first day of school, let your child choose dinner.

Maybe they’ll choose your favorite sushi place, McDonald’s, or even just to stay home and order pizza. Doesn’t matter- it’s up to them.

Take the opportunity to talk about how proud you are of them, starting kindergarten is a big step! Give them the chance to ask you questions about school as well as express any feelings they may be experiencing.  

Another idea for dinner (either or after you eat or while you’re waiting for food to be prepared): show them some old pictures. Start with baby pictures, kids always love looking at themselves as a newborn. You can also show them pictures of something else “new” they experienced and ultimately ending up loving.

Make sure they know it’s a celebration dinner – one that’s in honor of them taking the next big step in life.  

Whether you have a newborn or a 4 year-old, the big day will be here before you know it.

But don’t worry, you got this mama. Just be sure to pin this so you can reference it later!

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