The Best Ways To Celebrate Baby’s First Easter

Wondering what to do for your baby’s first Easter? Make memories and start some Easter family traditions this year with your little one!

The Best Ways To Celebrate Baby’s First EasterCelebrating holidays with a new baby is so much fun! Seeing everything through their eyes makes it all new and exciting again. 

Easter is such a special holiday too. Though it may not get nearly the hype of Christmas, it can still be super fun for kids and even little babies!

Your baby’s first Easter is the perfect time to begin new family traditions that you’ll continue for years to come. 

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So here are some of the best ways to make your baby’s first Easter extra special:

Baby’s First Easter Outfit

An adorable outfit for Easter is a must! The challenge is picking one from the tons of cute options! Depending on your Easter style you there’s everything from funny onesies to fancy dresses and bow ties or even a bunny romper!

Here are a few of our top picks for baby’s first Easter outfits:

My First Easter Romper + Rabbit Cardigan


Little Girl’s ‘My 1st Easter’ Newborn Outfit


‘My 1st Easter’ Newborn Outfit – Rabbit Romper Top + Bunny Ears Hat
Make sure you cover their new duds with a cute Easter bib like these. And while you’re at it, you may want to go ahead and get a set of bibs for every holiday

I’m also a sucker for themed pajamas so I love Easter pjs! These Burt’s Bees jammies are super soft and cozy!

Reading books to celebrate baby's first Easter

Baby’s First Easter Book

Reading to babies is great for their language development. I love to mix up our usual books with seasonal choices (you can see my favorite baby books for Halloween and Christmas too!).

While Easter books also make great basket fillers, I also prefer to have some books out before to get us ready leading up to the holiday.

Also, finding books that will actually hold a baby’s attention can be really challenging. I look for books with bright colors, flaps, and fun ways for baby to interact to get them interested.

Here are a few of my favorite Easter books for babies:

Where are Baby’s Easter Eggs?

By Karen Katz

This lift-the-flap book has large flaps that are great for small hands. Better suited for older babies, the bright colors and flaps make fun entertainment as you help Baby find her Easter eggs.

Hippity Hop Little Bunny

Babies love these silly finger puppet books! What this rhyming tale of a bunny on an Easter egg hunt lacks in story it makes up for in fun. Seriously, the finger puppet books are always a hit!

Bunny: Baby Touch And Feel

While not strictly an Easter book, it showcases bunnies and certainly feels seasonally appropriate. Though light on substance, this adorable book of all bunnies has few soft fuzzy spots to touch and keep babies interested.

Personalized Easter basket to celebrate Baby's First Easter

Baby’s First Easter Basket

Start the Easter basket tradition right away with an adorable basket of goodies for baby!

It’s the perfect time to get a personalized Easter basket since you have many years ahead to continue to use it. 

Not sure what to put in your baby’s Easter basket? Finding age-appropriate Easter basket fillers that aren’t candy for babies can be a challenge, but I’ve got you covered. 

From carrot teethers to fruit pouches, I have over 40 ideas for your baby’s Easter basket and you can read them all here.

Picture of smiling baby wearing hat

Baby’s First Easter Picture Ideas

An Easter photo shoot is a great way to commemorate the holiday. You’ll definitely want to be sure to get some pics of baby in their Easter best and doing any festive activities like egg hunts, exploring their Easter basket or the classic photo with the Easter Bunny.

If you want to plan some more seasonal photos, consider getting some props. Rabbit ears are a super easy and fun way to liven up an Easter photo!

I really like these baby’s first holiday photo props since it comes with signs for each holiday.

For newborns, placing them in a basket makes an adorable photo made possibly even cuter with this knit hat and bunny tale.

Stuffed rabbit and carrots for Easter

Baby’s First Easter Activities

Dye Easter Eggs

Think you can’t dye eggs with a baby? Think again.

Letting baby join in with the Easter egg fun can be messy, but it doesn’t have to be.

For instance, this post from View From A Step Stool suggests using Cool Whip and food coloring. Though perhaps still on the messy side, it makes the experience baby safe and fun sensory play!

Another neat idea for dying eggs with a baby is using paint and plastic bag, you can see how here.

Easter Egg Hunt

While it may not be the type of Easter egg hunt that you’re used to, a mobile baby can still enjoy “finding” eggs even if they are all just out in the open. 

Show baby how to look for eggs, grab them, and place them in a bucket or basket. Will they do it? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s still fun.

Consider that baby will probably put them in their mouth so big, sturdy eggs are helpful.

Another idea is to attach a helium balloon to the eggs. This helps mark where the eggs are in the grass and adds an extra layer of fun for little ones.

I would skip large group Easter egg hunts though since older, bigger, faster kids on a mission for eggs are often not super aware of littler kiddos. Plus they will grab up all those easy eggs real quick.

If you want to do an egg hunt for your baby and older children, it can help to set aside a “baby” area with the ground eggs apart from the egg hunt mayhem.

I also have some ideas for things to put inside of baby’s Easter eggs that you can read here.

Easter Sensory Play

Easter has some fun opportunities for sensory play for babies.

I have cookie cutters for pretty much every holiday and babies love getting to play with them. It helps explore different shapes and sizes with their hands and they can be used for painting too (like stamps). I use plastic ones like these so they don’t have sharp edges.

I love this idea from Kids Activities With Alexa, that just uses eggs and a cereal container to create a fun game for infants!

If you want the fun without any prep, you can introduce baby to Easter with this adorable play basket of soft fuzzy toys!

Enjoy The Spring

Get the baby out of the house into the spring air. 

Going for walks, visiting gardens, or even planting a garden yourself and all great ways to get outside.

The change in season brings lots of new sights and sounds from your baby to experience outside like blooming flowers and birds chirping.

Celebrate Baby's First Easter with messy crafts

Baby’s First Easter Crafts

Make a keepsake from your baby’s first Easter with a craft.

I love hand and footprint crafts and there are tons of cute Easter ideas like carrot feet and bunny hand prints.

I especially love this footprint bunny idea from Messy Little Monster and it even includes a free printable to get you started!

Making your infant’s first holidays special can start family traditions and create sweet memories for you to look back on years later. For more holiday fun check out my ideas for baby’s first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

No matter what you do, if you enjoy this holiday with your baby, it will be a memorable baby’s first Easter!

Did we miss something? What did you do to celebrate your baby’s first Easter? Share your Easter celebrations in the comments!

The Best Ways To Celebrate Baby’s First Easter

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