The 10 Best Baby Shower Alternatives For Nontraditional Parents

Looking for baby shower alternatives? Look no further! We have tons of creative ideas for parents who don’t want the traditional baby shower.

There are lots of reasons you may opt for a more unconventional baby shower.

For some moms-to-be baby showers just aren’t their style, you may want something more casual or low-key. Traditionally showers were only thrown for a first baby, so you may want to find an alternative to celebrate a second child too.

The 10 Best Baby Shower Alternatives For Nontraditional ParentsBeing separated from close friends and family can also be a big reason to skip the traditional shower. Old school etiquette also says mom-to-be shouldn’t host her own shower and though many people do anyways these days, throwing your own party could also prompt you to find an alternative to the traditional shower.

Regardless of your reasons, we have found fun baby shower alternatives to fit many different circumstances and preferences. Also, many of the ideas can be combined together to get the exact event you want. Check out these nontraditional baby shower ideas!

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The 10 Best Baby Shower Alternatives

Here are some great ideas for nontraditional parents who are looking for fun baby shower alternatives.


Ok, so what are baby sprinkles? It’s sort of a mini baby shower. 

Instead of “showering” mom-to-be, it’s a smaller celebration, just a little “sprinkle.” I didn’t make up the name but it sounds much cuter than drizzle. 

Sprinkles seem to be a popular choice for second or subsequent babies. They tend to be on the smaller side, though often still have games and may or may not include gifts. Though guests may bring gifts, there usually isn’t as much emphasis on them, since the prevailing sentiment is that the parents already have the big baby items. 

Group of people at co-ed jack and jill baby shower

Jack and Jill Baby Shower

Wondering what is a Jack and Jill baby shower? It’s a co-ed shower!

Whereas a traditional baby shower only invites women, a growing trend is to include guys as well. This is a great choice since dad-to-be gets to participate in the celebration too! 

Co-ed showers tend to be less traditional in that they usually choose more gender neutral themes, decorations, and games. 

Virtual baby shower

Virtual Baby Shower

If you live far from family and friends, a virtual shower can be an excellent choice. 

There are many ways to host a virtual shower making it a super flexible option which you can easily make as traditional and unconventional as you’d like! 

We have an entire post all about how to throw an amazing virtual shower with tips on how to handle every aspect from the guest list to games to gifts. Check it out here

Woman holding diaper and baby shower

Diaper Shower

A diaper shower is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a shower for diapers. 

This could be a great choice for the mom who already has everything. Replenishing the diapers and consumable diapering essentials can be a huge help to second time parents.

Some people bristle at being told what to bring as a gift, so posing your request as a diaper raffle can help to encourage guests to give diapers. For the raffle, guests who bring diapers get tickets to enter to win the raffle prize. 

Group of people at BBQ for baby shower alternatives


A great casual baby shower alternative, a Baby-Q is typically a family friendly barbecue style party. What’s more lowkey than a barbecue? 

These chill affairs are often co-ed and can include the whole family, kids and all. The relaxed picnic vibe also lends itself to fun outdoor, tailgate style games like corn hole.

This a super fun option for parents who want the celebration without the traditional aspects.

Group of girls at girls night

Girls Night

In lieu of a shower, consider spending an evening out with your friends! 

Once baby arrives it can be challenging to get out with your friends, at least at first as newborns are so demanding and you’ll need childcare. You can take this opportunity to enjoy these last few days before parenthood.

Choose the evening plans best suited to the mom-to-be. A ladies night out of the town, a slumber party style girls night, or even a game night could all be fun ways to celebrate with friends! 

This option has the benefit of not forcing you to be the center of attention and no pressure of gifts, while still getting to visit with friends, which could be ideal!

Group of people seeing new baby


Open House

Sometimes referred to as a “Come and Go” shower, guests can come and go as they please.

For an open house baby shower, you would invite your guests to come whenever they like during a set block of time, often several hours. There’s usually some light snacks, but this format is less structured and doesn’t lend itself to games. 

Some benefits of an open house is that you can get by with a smaller space as not all of the guests will be there at the same time, some people will like that this allows them to visit with guests over a longer time, and it can be convenient for guests who only have time to drop by. However, some guests (particularly older guests) may not appreciate the casual vibe, will want to see mom-to-be open all her gifts, and may simply stay the entire time.

Woman getting facial for spa day

Spa Day

Pamper mom-to-be with a spa day instead of a shower. 

A spa day with close friends and family is a great way to help mom-to-be relax pre-baby! Many salons will accommodate your group for a party feel!

You could also do an at home pamper party with diy manicures and pedicures. You could also hire someone to come do beauty consulting of facials.

With a set activity, you won’t need to include gifts or games for a fun time.

Open house baby shower alternatives

Sip and See

Unlike a shower, a Sip and See happens after the baby is born so guests can “see” the baby.

These tend to be more casual and often open to families. There’s usually some light refreshments, but no expectation for games or gifts though some guests might bring them. The main “activity” is simply meeting the new baby so these are often fairly unstructured and sometimes open house style. 

Unlike a traditional shower (which etiquette says should be hosted by someone other than the parents), it’s really common for the new parents to host their own Sip and See party. So if you are feeling weird about throwing your own party, a Sip and See could be a perfect option.

Casserole cooked in skillet

Meal Train

A true shower alternative for the parents who really don’t want any fuss or party at all is to set up a meal train. 

New parents gotta eat and pretty much everyone appreciates some good meals! This can be a huge help whether it’s the first baby or fifth. Keep the family fed while mom is recovering and everyone is adjusting to the newest addition.

Instead of party invites, invite family and friends to join in the meal train. With so many restaurant delivery options around, even people who don’t cook may want to pitch in!

There’s even a free website to help you organize a meal calendar. Make sure you find out if the parents have any dietary restrictions and pass those along to everyone involved.


Now that you’ve seen the baby shower alternatives, time to get planning! Hopefully one or more of these options will be just right for your event! 

Moms-to-be, as you create your perfect baby registry, be sure to check out our registry guides for sleep essentials, breastfeeding and feeding essentials, diapering must haves, and the 8 things you absolutely must have for baby.

Did we miss any baby shower alternatives? Did you have a nontraditional baby shower? Share with us in the comments!

The 10 Best Baby Shower Alternatives For Nontraditional Parents

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