The Best Amazon Prime Perks for Moms in 2019

After talking to many moms, I’ve realized something scary. Despite paying for membership, they are not fully utilizing (nor even aware of!) all of the fantastic Amazon prime perks available for moms.

Great collection of the BEST Amazon Prime perks for momsOf course you’re probably taking advantage of the 2-day shipping and maybe dabbling in the subscribe and save benefits

But do you know ALL of the amazing Amazon prime perks that automatically come with your subscription and are out there to make your mom life easier?

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1 |  Let’s Start with Amazon Family… So What IS Amazon Family?

Amazon Family benefits comes automatically with your prime subscription. According to Amazon, it provides you with “exclusive family-oriented offers, coupons, and age-based recommendations”. It’s also the program that gives you up to 20% off subscriptions to diapers, baby food, and more.

Plus if you sign up for a baby registry through Amazon (which is a fantastic idea according to our baby registry comparison guide), you get a 15% baby registry completion discount.

To make the most of Amazon Family, be sure to update your Amazon Household with the names/ages of your children. Amazon Prime Family will then give you age-specific recommendations so you can easily find personalized deals that work for your individual household. This includes items like food, toys, or other kid-friendly items.

2 |  Amazon Prime Perks For Movies and TV

Look, I love Netflix and Hulu shows as much as the next person… but I don’t love their monthly fees! Those can add up.

Amazon Prime Video gives you unlimited, ad-free streaming for tons of movies and TV shows completely included with your Amazon Prime subscription. There’s some great original content for you and TONS for the kids.

But wait… there’s more! Did you know that the content can be downloaded on the Amazon Video app so you can watch it offline without an internet connection? Which makes it simply ideal for travel, especially road trips.

3 |  Use All That Alexa Has to Offer

If you’ve read my post on the one simple trick to speed up your morning routine with kids, you’ll know I’m completely addicted to my smart speaker/home assistant.

Alexa will make you mom life easier – it’s really that simple. Alexa and Amazon Prime compliment each other in so many wonderful ways.

Here are some of your different options for Alexa smart speaker/home assistants:

  • Echo Dot – the most compact (and affordable!) Alexa-powered option.
  • Echo Spot – the cute little Alexa device with a display (think magic 8 ball size).
  • Echo Show – the most expensive, but also the most useful, member of the Echo family. This device boasts a 10-inch touchscreen that’s great to handle things like viewing photos, displaying recipes, and video chats.
  • Sonos One – if you’re looking for superior sound quality, this option is definitely for you.

So HOW does Alexa make your mom life easier? How does she let you tap into all those amazing Amazon Prime perks? You can use Alexa to:

  • Add grocery items to your AmazonFresh or Prime Now carts
  • Reorder products (hello batteries and laundry detergent)
  • Listen to parenting podcasts with Audible
  • Help you track feedings and diaper changes with the Baby Stats tool
  • Utilizing your music Amazon perks to play lullabies, songs, or even white noise
  • If you have multiple devices (we have a show in our bedroom and kitchen, but dots around the house), you can “drop in” on another device to use it as an intercom system
  • Access Alexa-only prime discounts by asking, “Alexa, what are your deals?”
  • And of of course all the regular smart assistant things like telling jokes, checking the weather, setting timers, etc.

4 |  Relieve Your Phone with Photo Storage

Did you know that Amazon Photos lets you store unlimited photos (and up to 5 GB of files, videos, and everything else) for free? It’s completed included with your prime membership and one of the best amazon perks.

And rest assured, per Amazon: “cloud photo storage is protected with Amazon’s top-notch security and customer service reps (available 24/7)”.

Plus, Amazon Photos lets you easily share the photos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can even order photo art, prints, and other products via Amazon Prints. So there’s no excuse to be clogging up all that memory on your phone.

Finally, use the Family Vault feature to share your photo storage with up to five friends or family members. It makes a wonderful communal center for everyone to have access to fun images and memories.

Great collection of the BEST Amazon Prime perks for moms

5 |  Take a Test Drive with Prime Wardrobe

Of course we all like to try on clothes before buying them… but kids + store dressing rooms don’t mix. Luckily, Prime Wardrobe is Amazon’s solution and saving grace for all moms out there.

Prime Wardrobe lets you pick out three or more eligible clothing items, shoes, and accessories to be shipped to you at NO CHARGE. You get seven days to try them out and whatever you don’t love simply send back in the resealable box with a prepaid return label.

6 |  Even Faster Shipping with Prime Now

Free 2-day shipping is one of the Amazon Prime perks that enticed many of us to subscribe… but did you know about the new and super impressive Prime Now?

Prime Now lets you get groceries and household products delivered to you in two hours or less. Currently Prime Now is available in over 10,000 cities and their network is constantly growing.

They even expanded their Prime Now services to the new Amazon Restaurants – which lets you get delivery from local eateries in under an hour.

I think Prime Now is an especially important benefit for travelers. Forget toothpaste? Have take advantage of your amazon prime membership benefits and have it delivered directly to your hotel. (Psst… you probably wouldn’t have forgotten that toothpaste if you followed point #4 on my guide to planning a successful family vacation).


7 |  Relax with Prime Reading

Amazon Prime members have access to thousands of free books and magazines for every age and interest. Each Prime Reading account is permitted ten titles at a time. In particular, Prime members can subscribe to Amazon First Reads where they’ll be able to choose one of six pre-released books before they’re made available to other customers.

Of course you can read on your Kindle (which is nice because then you have access to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library), but it also works on any smartphone using the free Kindle app.

Another plus, all Prime members have free access to a small collection of podcasts and audiobooks.

8 |  Explore Prime Pantry

Did you know that since Amazon has combined with Whole Foods, you can check off pretty much your entire grocery shopping list using Amazon Prime Pantry without having to leave your house?

This is different than shopping regular prime products, because it’s non-bulk groceries and household products.

This one of the Amazon prime perks does have an additional cost. Currently, you can either pay a flat shipping rate per box (no matter how much you fill it) or you can pay a separate monthly fee. Not sure if it’s worth the commitment? Try it FREE here for 30 days.

They even give you coupons and deals every week to help you save as much as possible!

9 |  Groove to Amazon Prime Music

Did you know that Amazon has over 2 million songs in your Amazon Music account that’s free and automatically included in your prime membership benefits? All ad-free, completely on demand, with unlimited skips.

They’ve also got thousands of playlists and stations included as well to help you explore and find great new content. Music can even be saved for offline use!

Prime Music also lets you create customized playlists (that can be played by Alexa) for yourself, your partner, or even your kids.

And if you want even more music choices, upgrade to Unlimited for a small monthly fee (that’s cheaper than a Spotify or Pandora subscription).

10 |  Amazon Perks on Products and Deals

Through coupons and daily deals, Amazon offers soooo many ways to save money on everyday products. Prime members get an edge up, however, by getting early access to heavily-discounted “Lightning Deals”.

The Amazon Elements prime membership benefit is one that many moms aren’t aware of, partly because it is limited in its present scope. The idea is based on the prime-exclusive Amazon private-label, Amazon Elements. The products are formed using customer feedback to make the best quality possible.

Another cool Amazon Elements perk, scan one of the special product barcodes to see where every single ingredient came from. Right now it’s limited to just vitamins and baby wipes, but this is definitely an area I can see Amazon expanding in the upcoming months.

Are there any other Amazon Prime perks you use that we didn’t mention? Please let us know in the comments!

Great collection of the BEST Amazon Prime perks for moms

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