Festive Ideas for 24 Days of Christmas Kindness

Encourage your family to try something different this year with 24 days of Christmas Kindness.

Festive Ideas for 24 Days of Christmas KindnessChristmas is a time for giving and spending time with loved ones. It’s also a great opportunity for children to learn about the importance of kindness.

There are so many different ways to be kind, and we’ve compiled 24 festive ideas that your kids can do in the month leading up to Christmas!

From donating clothes to helping out at neighbors, these activities will get your kids in the Christmas spirit while teaching them about empathy and compassion.

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24 Days of Christmas Kindness

Here are some ideas to get you started filling those 24 days of Christmas Kindness.

Feel free to take our list and make it your own to fit your family. Encourage your kids to come up with their own ideas as well.

Remember no act is too big or small.

1 |  Compliment a stranger

2 |  Donate gently used clothing or toys

3 |  Hold the door for someone

4 |  Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while

5 |  Help a family member complete a chore

6 |  Let someone go ahead of you in line

7 |  Make a card for a solider 

8 |  Paint a kindness rock and place it in your neighborhood

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9 |  Make someone laugh with a silly joke

10 |  Donate food to a local pantry

11 |  Visit an elderly person

12 |  Cook a meal or dessert for a neighbor

13 |  Bring cookies to your local fire station

14 |  Feed the birds

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15 |  Leave fun treats for your mail carrier or delivery person

16 |  Give a stranger a secret gift

17 |  Bring food, toys, and blankets to an animal shelter

18 |  Go on a walk and pick up litter

19 |  Clean up someone’s mess without telling them

20 |  Plan a fun scavenger hunt for a sibling or friend

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21 |  Make a Christmas craft or decoration for a neighbor

22 |  Make a card for a community helper

23 |  Sing Christmas carols for friends or family

24 |  Write a thank you card to a house with great holiday lights

That’s it!  24 easy ideas for 24 days of Christmas kindness.

Which ones will you try this year? We would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

And don’t forget, acts of kindness don’t have to stop after Christmas. You can practice random acts of kindness all year round!

Festive Ideas for 24 Days of Christmas Kindness

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